Shape Maker

Nichole Gronvold Roller at BoxHeart Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA through 16 September 2022. How do we see? What does it mean to examine our surroundings with a fresh vision? Images may become mundane with the familiarity of repetition, resulting in a neglected or unnoticed importance and significance. Nichole Gronvold Roller constructs imaginary spaces. As a means to organize the sensations of both actual and emotional interpretation of place, her paintings are representational of her thoughts and describe the vivid energy of her invented worlds. MORE


Alfonso Puyal

Alfonso Puyal is a professor of Audiovisual Communication in the department of Information Science at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. The collage works on display are from seven series, mostly from 2000 and after, that deal with non-objective work, gender issues, using newsprint and advertising, and a series using only the newspaper, El Pais. Other work in the show includes etchings, notebooks, a 140-foot scroll, Visual Items, and a film. MORE



New Venues &
Imagined Landscapes

Lisbon, Portugal. Mary St. George's latest work focuses on abandoned buildings mostly in the area of Lisbon in which she lives. She photographs and makes videos of them and from this point creates collages and mixed media artworks with multiple perspectives and interpretations. They are architecturally inspired and through them she creates layers, new venues and imagined landscapes. MORE

Sanquhar, Scotland | Click for details


56th Annual National Mother Lode Art Exhibition

Deadline to submit: Friday, 23 September 2022 at Midnight PDT. Placerville Arts Association (PAA) in California is hosting its annual show, the 56th National Mother Lode Art Exhibition, 3-19 November 2023 at the Mills Station Arts & Cultural Center (MACC) in Rancho Cordova. There is no need to be a member of Placerville Arts Association. The exhibition is open to all US-based artists, regardless of medium or theme. First prize is $500. The juror is Barbara Burge. MORE


Pacific Northwest Collage Collective

Laura Weiler and Kellette Elliott founded Pacific Northwest Collage Collective in January 2021. Inspired by other collectives around the world, and collage artists often messaging Weiler about a “collage scene in Portland,” she made the final leap on an idea that had been brewing for months. Although Portland is the primary location for PNWCC, members also live in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Previous projects include the World Collage Day Fencework Show hosted by Clive Knights, a permanent art exhibit of international collage at Kindness Farms in Portland, and a published zine from the show at Collapse Gallery called “Paper Cuts”. The goal of PNWCC is to create an inclusive, equitable, and diverse group of collage makers to gather online and in-person in celebration of collage. MORE


Fragmented World

Raphaele Cohen-Bacry at the Malaga Cove Library Art Gallery in Palos Verdes Estates, California, USA through 29 August 2022. Cohen-Bacry works with many different media, and often chooses unexpected materials for her research, with a focus on art magazines and wallpaper. She writes, "This new series of collages question the cycles of life, death, decay, deconstruction, and rebirth. For my work is about metamorphosis, transfiguration, renewal, and ultimately redemption." MORE


Electronic Resistance

by Nigel Ayers. Amaya Productions, 2021. Since the late 1970s, Nigel Ayers has cut a bracing, subversive path through the contemporary underground, bridging DIY industrial enthusiasms with multimedia experimentation to form a singular body of work. ELECTRONIC RESISTANCE compiles mail-art, collages, assemblages, flyers, slides, video stills, ephemera, record and tape covers to present an arresting cross-section of the genre-sundering art Nigel Ayers created between 1980 and 1992. MORE


Collage & Illustration–The Awakening

Deadline: Sunday, August 28, 2022. During this project-driven residency, artists will explore collage as illustration and collectively produce a series of collages that illustrate Kate Chopin’s 1899 novel, The Awakening. As a group, artists will analyze the story, discuss themes, uncover symbols, ask questions, and visually interpret the text for a 21st century audience. The Awakening touches on 19th century feminist, identity, and societal themes that are still relevant today. After the residency, Kolaj institute will publish The Awakening using the illustrations made during the residency as a way of bringing this important, historical book to 21st Century readers. MORE

New Publication

Coming Soon


Volume One

PoetryXCollage is a printed journal of artwork and writing which operates at the intersection of poetry and collage. We are interested in found poetry, blackout poetry, collage poems, haikus, centos, response collages, response poems, word scrambles, concrete poetry, scatter collage poems, and other poems and artwork that inhabit this world. In this issue: Rosemary Rae, El Cajon, California, USA | Cathy Greenhalgh, London, United Kingdom | Jennifer Roche, Chicago, Illinois, USA | doriana diaz, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA | Thomas Mayer, Berlin, Germany l Chery Chudyk, Kirkland, Washington, USA



Volume Two

Each issue of PoetryXCollage presents six movements of work by artists and curators. Page spreads are meant to be free zones of thinking where the contributor has chosen all elements of the layout: font, image place, composition, etc. In this issue: Anthony D. Kelly, Castle Bar, County Mayo, Ireland l Carla Reyes, Astoria, New York, USA l Janice McDonald, Denver, Colorado, USA l Samantha Brown, Blackrock, County Louth, Ireland l Laura Tafe, Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA l Collaborations by Cathy Greenhalgh, Thomas Mayer, Rosemary Rae, Anthony D. Kelly, & Cheryl Chudyk


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New Publication

Current Issue


Politics in Collage

In a time where the challenges facing us as individuals and communities have grown to seemingly insurmountable levels, further exacerbated by the increasing toxicity of the political climate, artists are using their work to confront these challenges by engaging their viewers in a higher level of discourse. Through a virtual residency, twenty-five artists created collage works examining complex socio-political issues that contemporary society is contending with, in order to spark meaningful dialogue and inspire deeper engagement. MORE


Kolaj 35

From the Scottish Highlands to the shores of Lake Ontario to Mombasa, Kenya, Kolaj 35 brings the wide-world of collage to your doorstep: Ellsworth Kelly‘s postcard collages, uncollage in action, collage en plein air, the practice of collecting fragments, Black collage in Baltimore, the wild artwork of a Montreal-based mushroom and pinball enthusiast, collage at New Orleans' city-wide art triennial, and more. On the cover is a collaborative collage in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, a small gesture of hope for a more peaceful world in the future. Each issue of Kolaj Magazine shows how collage artists are making their way through the world. International in scope, we explore all aspects of collage and its impact on society and culture. MORE


Recent Publications


World Collage Day 2022

In honor of World Collage Day, 14 May 2022, Kolaj Magazine is releasing a special edition of the magazine.The Special Edition is full of Cut-Out Pages and stories from inspiring collage artists.The printed magazine also includes an interview with 2022 World Collage Day Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


The Money $how: Cash, Labor, Capitalism & Collage

The Money $how juxtaposes contemporary artwork against fragments of history and literature as a way of showing how collage can help us deconstruct culture and understand the world differently. Artists collage dollar bills into flowers and mine material remnants to tell stories about home economics. MORE


Empty Columns Are a Place to Dream

A companion book to the project of the same name, Ric Kasini Kadour unpacks what monuments are and their role in our communities. The book shows what happens when collage artists reimagine monuments as sites of truth and reconciliation. The book features the collages of eighteen international artists made a series of collages that reimagined the empty column in the center of Birr, County Offaly, Ireland. MORE


Identiblocks: Portrait #001

by Mark Vargo, 2022. Vargo's project pushes the boundaries of traditional paper collage into an interactive, dynamic and 3-dimensional space allowing individuals to both create and perform their own collage mask that represents their identity, vision and emotions. MORE


Oh, Money! Money!
by Eleanor H. Porter

Kolaj Institute is pleased to announce the publication of Oh, Money! Money!by Eleanor H. Porter and illustrated by a collective of collage artists. In Porter’s 1918 novel, a Chicago multi-millionaire struggles to decide to whom he should leave his money. The book is a time capsule of early 20th century American life with a strong focus on the lives of women and observations about material culture and communities before the rampant consumerism of the 1920s and the Great Depression. To illustrate the book, Kolaj Institute organized a residency that brought together ten artists who worked collaboratively to make sixty-three collages that interpret Porter’s novel for a 21st century audience. MORE


Radical Reimaginings

The curators of the 96-page book invited artists who use collage in their practice to put forward a work of art that offers a visual narrative that speaks to the unprecedented change unfolding in 2020. An essay by Ric Kasini Kadour reflects upon collage's unique ability to imagine new realities. Forty artists from nine countries and multiple Indigenous peoples—Salish-Kootenai/Métis-Cree/Sho-Ban, Tlingit/Nisga’a, Oglala/Lakota, and Seneca Nation—offer a variety of perspectives. The voices of Black, Latinx, Native, and white Americans mingle with those from Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Canada, France, and Germany. Artwork is accompanied by a statement in which the artists describe how they want to reimagine the world. MORE


Collage Magic
by Emma Anna

Part autobiography, part fantasy, Emma Anna’s vision of The New Old World (aka The NOW) fuses vintage ephemera with modern imaging technologies. Emma shapes this strange world by using the pen tool from Adobe Photoshop as her magic wand, in the process declaring herself to be a “collage magician”. Part artist book, part document of art making, Collage Magic, from La Casa Verde Editions, is Emma Anna’s journey through magic and art. MORE


Revolutionary Paths

When the collage is presented in exhibition, it is often done so without the critical framework granted other mediums. In "Revolutionary Paths: Critical Issues in Collage", exhibition curator Ric Kasini Kadour presents examples of collage that represent various aspects and takes on the medium. Each work in the exhibition represents the potential for deeper inquiry and further curatorial exploration of the medium. MORE


Cultural Deconstructions

Collage is unique as a medium in that it uses as its material artifacts from the world itself. To harvest those fragments, the artist must first deconstruct culture; they must select, cut, and remove the elements they do not wish to use and then reconstruct work that tells a new story. In "Cultural Deconstructions: Critical Issues in Collage", exhibition curator Ric Kasini Kadour presents examples of collage artists who are deconstructing identity as a way to critique culture. MORE


Tissue Box:
A Pandemic Response

Boite à mouchoir: Une réponse à la pandémie. In Spring 2020, as the world was going into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Quebec Collagiste Virginie Maltais felt a deep need for a point of reference. Her solution was a project that asked collage artists from around the world to make a collage using the top of a tissue box. "Small projects are important. You regain your courage and hope when you start and manage to finish something. There is no small project. We do big projects with lots of little steps. Step by step, we move forward. Together. And it is all of these small steps, together, that led to the creation of this book." Maltais worked with Kolaj Institute and Kasini House to produce a bilingual book about the project. MORE


transitional MOMENTS

transitional MOMENTS: restoring equilibrium through the art of collage includes one hundred collages selected from over 2000 submissions created from 600 collage packets sent to artists around the world for World Collage Day 2021 by the Arizona Collage Collective. transitional MOMENTS "reflects our current state of uncertainty as we wrestle with feeling constrained, disoriented and suspended in air between what was and what will be. Yet, these thresholds, unsettling as they are, can be spaces of great creativity and transformation," writes ACC's Suzanne Winkel. MORE


Unfamiliar Vegetables: Variations in Collage

Unfamiliar Vegetables is a collection of collage where each of the fifty artists interpreted, in their own way, Carlotta Bonnecaze’s 1892 Carnival float design Familiar Vegetables. Project organizer Christopher Kurts observed, “Unfamiliar Vegetables is an experiment in controlled chaos….tiny variations within each artist’s creative sphere accumulate until the outcomes are as unique as the people creating them.” MORE


The International Directory of Collage Communities 

The 104-page book is a survey of collage networks, guilds, communities, and projects as well as online efforts and groups focused on collage research. For each community, the directory presents their key activities, mission, how to join, and a bit of their history. Copious images illustrate the book. MORE

Our goal with every issue is that Kolaj Magazine is essential reading for anyone interested in the role of contemporary collage in art, culture, and society. Each issue of Kolaj Magazine is dedicated to reviewing and surveying contemporary collage with an international perspective. We are interested in collage as a medium, a genre, a community, and a 21st century art movement.

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