NOTE: This is a World Collage Day History Page we are preserving as a document of the past. To see the current World Collage Day website, CLICK HERE

World Collage Day was May 9th, 2020


Celebrating Collage in the Time of Pandemic

One of the reasons I created World Collage Day in 2018 was that I wanted to encourage collage artists to step outside the bubble of the collage community. I see the event as an opportunity for collage artists to reach out to and partner with art institutions who may not regularly think about collage. The day is also an opportunity for collage artists to shine, to show their community what they do.

World Collage Day 2020 takes place during a time when much of the world is self-isolating. We cannot, in good conscience during a pandemic, encourage people to gather. Depending on where you live, this may be perfectly fine to do, but reports from many places say otherwise. What do we do now?

One of the many remarkable things about collage is its ability to extend across borders and to involve people regardless of skill level. Professional artists at the top of their game sit side by side with members of the general public who are picking up scissors for the first time. This is unique in an art world that often trades on hierarchy and status. The collage community is generous and kind and welcoming. It is one of our greatest strengths. On World Collage Day 2020, let's show the world how we do that.

Ric Kasini Kadour, Editor & Publisher, Kolaj Magazine

In 2018, Kolaj Magazine initiated World Collage Day, an international celebration of collage on the Second Saturday of May. We invited artists and art venues to hold events on that day to celebrate collage. We saw fifty events in twenty-five countries and thousands of posts on social media using the hashtag, #worldcollageday. The following year, the event continued to grow. The next World Collage Day is May 9th, 2020.

World Collage Day is about artists connecting across borders against a global context of entrenchment and separation. And the day is about an art medium that excels at bringing different things together to create new forms and new ways of thinking. Ric Kasini Kadour, the editor of Kolaj Magazine, writes, “We created World Collage Day because we wanted to honour this community of artists and to remind the world what a spirit of cooperation, mutual support, and creativity can look like.”

Kolaj Magazine invites artists, art centres, museums, galleries, schools, and communities to celebrate the day by hosting events that bring communities together. Ideas include collage making meet-ups, docent-led tours of collage in a museum or gallery, activities for kids, slideshows or talks that appreciate collage’s role in contemporary art & art history, exhibitions of collage, and more. We invite people to come together around collage in their own communities and to connect to the world digitally using the hashtag #WorldCollageDay.




2020 World Collage Day Special Edition

In honour of World Collage Day, May 9, 2020, Kolaj Magazine is releasing a special edition of the magazine. The Special Edition is full of artist-designed Cut Out Pages that can be used to make collage. The World Collage Day 2020 Special Edition includes the special edition booklet, a World Collage Day 2020 poster and a pack of 6 postcards featuring the collage elements of Emma Anna. One of the postcards is a starter for making one's own collage. MORE

Click image above to download
a printable version of the poster.


World Collage Day Poster

Kolaj Magazine is pleased to announce the World Collage Day 2020 Poster by Australian-Colombian artist Emma Anna. The poster is used around the world to promote the annual international celebration of collage. The poster will also appear on the cover of a Special Edition of the magazine that is issued in honor of the day. MORE

Image: The Magician by Emma Anna.


2020 World Collage Day Poster Artist

Each year, Kolaj Magazine partners with a collagist to create a poster for the event. New Orleans artist Michael Pajón was the 2018 World Collage Day Poster Artist. Rosie Schinners from British Columbia, Canada was the 2019 poster artist. We are pleased to announce the 2020 World Collage Day Poster Artist is the Australian-born, Barranquilla, Colombia-residing Emma Anna. MORE


Why World Collage Day?

"Part of what makes collage unique in the art world today is the enthusiastic, dedicated, friendly group of people who come together as a community. In the past six years of publishing Kolaj, we have seen countless collaborations, group exhibitions, meet-ups, and events," writes Ric Kasini Kadour in Kolaj #22. "On a regular basis we witness dialogue and a spirit of cooperation and care for one another. Sometimes the art world can be cold, competitive, money-driven, and frankly inhumane. But in this corner of it where artists hang out and make and share collage, we often find the opposite. We think that is awesome and we think the rest of the world should know about it."


Plan an Individual Project

Now is the time to plan. How can you share collage with your neighbours and community during this time of self-isolation? Here are a few ideas we came up with:

  • Window Exhibition where you install collage in your street-facing windows. Or team up with other neighbours to create a walking exhibition tour.
  • Hang a World Collage Day 2020 poster in your front window.
  • Make Collage Starter Packs and distribute them to your neighbours as Danielle Cole has been doing in Toronto.
  • Organize an online Collage Happy Hour as Emma Campbell has been doing in New Orleans.
  • Make and Mail World Collage Day cards to friends and family.
  • Perform an online challenge like making and posting a collage an hour as an independent Collage-A-Thon.
  • Reach out to your local art museum or centre and brainstorm ideas with them. Offer to curate an online exhibit of collage in their collection.
  • Offer to write your community newspaper an article about World Collage Day.

Whatever you decide to do, we want to hear about it. Give the project a name. Write 3-5 sentences about your project and make or find 1-2 images that represent what you are doing. (Note: We don't mean posters. These should be images of artwork.) Submit your project by May 1, 2020.


Events & Projects

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all events listed here may be cancelled or modified to adapt to conditions in specific communities. We strongly encourage you to confirm with the host venue or event organizers prior to attending.


Big Day With Little Scissors In Hand

2-4PM, Samara Collage Workshop. Samara Collage Workshop invites you to celebrate World Collage Day with an online marathon to create miniature art objects. The process of creating micro-collages* can be watched live on their Instagram. Anyone can join the marathon by making a set of their own micro-collages and share them on Instagram by using the hashtags #pocketcollagemuseum and #WorldCollageDay2020. The works created by the participants of the Samara Collage Workshop will be presented on the same day at the exhibition in the quarantine gallery "Refrigerator" (a private gallery inside a real refrigerator). The most interesting collages will be included in the future collection of the Pocket Collage Museum. For all other participants in the marathon, an additional open call will be announced. MORE


World Collage Day with Guylaine Couture

For World Collage Day, Guylaine Couture invites you to make collage to share online. Starting on Wednesday, May 6th, Guylaine is offering online a sheet of collage elements that can be used to make a square collage of any size. Share the collage made from these elements on Instagram (and tag @guylaine_couture) or send Guylaine an image (minimum 1000x1000 pixels) and she will share it on her blog on the morning of May 10th. MORE


A Day of Collage in the Berkshires

10:30AM-Midnight, IS183 Art School of the Berkshires via Zoom. For World Collage Day, IS183 Art School of the Berkshires is hosting a day of virtual collage workshops, open studio activities, and artist talks from 10:30AM to midnight, including Collage on 3D Objects, Collage at Home, an Exquisite Corpse, and an Evening of Collage Tricks and Stories. Registration is required for each class. Tuition is pay-what-you-can, starting at $5 per class. MORE


Collage in Motion & Cut Up or Shut Up!

9 May-Summer 2020. 516 ARTS invites you to the World Collage Day opening of two online collage animation exhibitions. "Collage in Motion" presents a diverse line-up of collage animations, guest curated by Lisa Barcy, and featuring work by eleven contemporary collage animators. "Cut Up or Shut Up!", curated by Bryan Konefsky, presents an international collection of collage films, with a focus on the cut-and-paste aesthetic, spanning 70 years and including several "first wave", experimental collage animations made before the Internet. MORE


Collage Workshop & Book Launch with Emma Anna

The World Collage Day 2020 Poster Artist, Emma Anna, is hosting two events: Noon-1PM at the Museo de Arte Moderno Barranquilla, she will host a live and interactive collage workshop exploring the Surrealists game “Exquisite Corpse”. Participants are invited to pre-register their interest in the workshop from May 4th onwards via the contact link on the MAMB website. From 5-6PM, Emma Anna will host a book launch of Collage Magic at La Casa Verde. Part autobiography, part fantasy, Collage Magic is Emma Anna´s vision of The New Old World (aka The NOW), fusing vintage ephemera with modern imaging technologies. She invites the public to join her via Instagram for an artist talk and studio tour. MORE: WORKSHOP & BOOK LAUNCH


A Cut Above

6-7PM, Join Arc Gallery’s Collage-a-Rama artists for an artist talk via Zoom. Collage-a-Rama is a collage meet-up happening six times per year. This event will feature Carrington Arredondo, Beth Ashcroft, Glenn Bachman, Johnny Botts, Dilcia Giron, Dianne Hoffman, Priscilla Otani, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Steve Sweetser, Stephen C. Wagner, and Tanya Wilkinson, who are part of Arc Gallery's "A Cut Above" exhibition, May 16-June 13, 2020. Make sure to register in advance. MORE


Collage Composition Workshop

2-3PM, online via Zoom. Join Andrew Smith, aka Smithsonian Rosterino, for an online workshop that will use collage to explore composition within other aspects of art production and examine how we look and think about art. Smith will discuss the rules and mathematics of composition and the golden section before undertaking a very simple exercise in composition. You’ll need a collection of collage materials and implements of destruction and reconstruction. MORE


Live Tutorial with Constance Culpepper

2-3PM, InLiquid Art Gallery. Join InLiquid artist Constance Culpepper on Instagram where she will be giving a live demonstration on collaging. Culpepper’s collages are dreamlike worlds filled with colors, patterns, objects and nature. If you’d like to participate be sure to have your collage materials ready to go. InLiquid invites everyone to share their own creations after the workshop. MORE


Mini Collage Garden

The Collage Garden is a decentralized collective that transforms and beautifies urban spaces using botanical themed collage and by installing collage fragments in urban gardens. They had planned to hold their Spring 2020 edition in Seville, Spain, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic they had to cancel. Miss.Printed writes, "While we are waiting, in order to celebrate next World Collage Day on May 9th we decided to prepare mini isolated collage gardens. These little gardens will take place in previous Collage Garden locations: Spain, Norway, Indonesia, France, Russia, and in the United States in Rochester, New York and Denver,Colorado." They are accepting submissions using the hashtag #thecollagegardensevilla. The images will be posted to Instagram @The_Collage_Garden. MORE



Collage Edition Da Vinci Art Alliance. Midnight-Midnight, 9-10 May. Even when Da Vinci Art Alliance members can’t gather together in their gallery space, they are still building community through art online. To participate in #DaVinciAtADistance, Da Vinci members can send a collage work-in-progress or a collage work they've finished since being in quarantine to Da Vinci Art Alliance and they commit to sharing these works for 24 hours on their Instagram stories. MORE


Visual Poetics

Intuitive Digital Collage at The Dream Circle. This exhibit will be posted on May 9th on Annecy Baez’s Dream Circle website featuring her dream-inspired digital collages. The exhibit will be embedded and presented in the Virtual Museum PowerPoint slide template and as a slideshow for people to view at their own leisure. In moments of crisis art is deeply healing, a creative coping method that allows inner self-reflection and connection to our strength and resilience. MORE


World Collage Day at MERZ Gallery

10AM-4PM. MERZ Gallery is photographing each envelope received for Schwitters' Army during Ric Kasini Kadour's artist residency, January-February 2020. The images will be made into a one-minute video which will be posted on MERZ Gallery's Instagram page. On World Collage Day, the doors of MERZ Gallery will be opened to the street to reveal Julia Zinnbauer's postcards celebrating postal and telephone communications, which are displayed in a purpose-built window in the shape of a red British telephone box. Postcards of Sanquhar by Kadour will periodically replace Zinnbauer's postcards. By "opening the door", the collage envelopes become part of "MERZ Inside:Outside", in which work is displayed on the outside of the gallery for the duration of lockdown. MORE


ArtKraft Collage Workshop

10AM-5PM. ArtKraft has been celebrating World Collage Day under Susanna Lakner´s guidance in Budapest since 2018. Because of COVID-19, Hungarian collagists will collage together via Skype with Susanna Lakner in her studio in Stuttgart. This workshop is presented in Hungarian and is intended for adults living in Hungary. There is a 9,000 Forint fee to participate that must be paid by May 3rd. Participants will receive, via courier, Collage Kits from the ArtKraft Interior & Design Studio. Visit the Facebook event (in Hungarian) for more information. MORE


Thessaloniki Collage Club

Without being able to meet or have an exhibition in Thessaloniki, the Thessaloniki Collage Club is organizing a series of Instagram postings in order to unite, enjoy each other's work, and celebrate World Collage Day. Inspired by the word prompt “FREE”, you are invited to create and share a collage, interpreting the theme however you’d like, and tagging your post with @thessalonikicollageclub1 and the two hashtags #worldcollageday and #thessalonikicollageclub so that they can be reposted on the group’s account. MORE


From Poland With Love

For World Collage Day, Aleksandra Perzynska, aka Mad Collagist, and her collage group, To Się Wytnie (It Will Cut), are making collage postcards to mail to family and friends. Perzynska will be sharing her creations on her Facebook for all to see. MORE


Virtual Collage Party

3-4:15PM, Hosted by Stacey Burgay
In celebration of World Collage Day, Stacey Burgay is hosting a virtual collage party. The collage party is intended to be fun, accessible and for all levels of experience. Burgay will give a creative prompt and set a timer for 22 minutes and invite everyone to create a collage, after which they will share them with the group. MORE


The Collage Club Window Exhibition

The Collage Club is inviting artists to make an analog collage for World Collage Day and hang it in their window from 30 April-8 May 2020. They will be posting a selection of the works on their Instagram as well as awarding two people a membership to The Collage Club and a book they are currently working on with photography by David Saffa. In order to participate, take pictures of both your collage and it hanging in a public facing window. Then post those pictures on Instagram using the hashtags #collageclubopencall and #worldcollageday. Winners will be announced on 9 May 2020. MORE


Street Collage

Starting on May 9th. Lo Super and Aurora Duque are inviting people to fill the world’s streets with collage in order to make people smile during the pandemic. You can participate by creating a collage without a background, placing it somewhere public like a street facing wall or window or a potted plant, and sharing it on Instagram using the hashtags #WorldCollageDay, #fantasiacollage, and the name of your city (for example: #Madrid). MORE


From Munich, With Love

1-10 May. Ana Paula Barros will be creating one collage per day, from May 1st to the 9th, that will be published on her Instagram. Barros invites people to comment on a feeling the work evokes in them. She will choose the most interesting comment in each post to receive the artwork as a gift. Barros says, “I believe this exercise can be good for us to reflect on the importance of art in our lives in these strange times.” The collages will be displayed in Barros’ apartment window until May 10th, after which she will distribute them to the selected commenters. MORE


The Art of Collage II

At Frank Juarez Gallery, this exhibition showcases traditional, experimental, and digital collage created by artists from across the globe. Due to COVID-19, the Frank Juarez Gallery is organizing a juried online exhibition as a way to continue to connect artists during these unprecedented times. To respond to the call for artists or the exhibition, visit the gallery's homepage for details. The deadline to submit is 29 April 2020. MORE


Twin Cities Collage Collective
Online Exhibition

The Twin Cities Collage Collective is hosting an online exhibition of collage postcards they have been receiving in celebration of World Collage Day 2020. The open call postmark deadline has been extended to 31 May 2020. View the call HERE. All collages received will be exhibited physically in the future at a to-be-determined time and location somewhere in the Twin Cities. The exhibition will be posted at the Twin Cities Collage Collective's website. MORE


Finding a Heart of Care for Others

The Doug + Laurie Kanyer Art Collection wants to advance the awareness of collage by having artists give a collage to others who may not know the medium well and lift people’s spirits at this tender time with a 'gift away collage'. They are inviting artists to give collages to others in celebration of World Collage Day 2020. MORE


Dream of Me: Mid-Year Collage Exhibition 2020

4-7PM at The Little Dream Factory. The exhibition showcases collaborative pieces and individual collages; analog and digital collage, and photo-montage. In light of COVID-19, the organizers report they will be cataloguing the work as it arrives, make an initial selection for printing a feature in the The Little Dream Factory journal and sharing all of the art to our online community. "If the opening of the exhibition in our space can’t happen on May 9th, we will do a virtual visit on the day and invite everyone to visit at a later date." MORE


3rd Annual World Collage Day Celebration with the Arizona Collage Collective

Send us your address via Instagram Direct Message and we will mail you a 5”x7” collage pack filled with random images. On 9 May 2020, post your collage using #arizonacollagecollective and #worldcollageday2020. We will feature as many as possible on our Instagram page. MORE


AFK World Collage Day Exhibition

9-31 May 2020
Gordon Smith Gallery
2121 Lonsdale Avenue
North Vancouver, British Columbia
The Gordon Smith Gallery will host a virtual exhibition of secondary students, art educators, and artists collage work from the community. We will kick off the exhibit for World Collage Day May 9, 2020 and host the exhibit on our website until the end of May. MORE


Free Collage Workshop

12-5PM | The Gallery at Town Center
17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, Washington 98155
This event is going postal/make at home! If the gallery is open on May 9th, stop by the shop between Noon and 5PM and pick up your free collage packet to take home and make art. If the shop is still closed, email gallery@shorelinearts.net and a packet will be mailed to you. Then, send a photo of your creations to gallery@shorelinearts.net and they will post it on Instagram @slfpac. Packets are limited to the first 20 customers. MORE


let's make + create joy together

4-5:30PM. Celebrate World Collage Day virtually with Morgan Bukovec. Bring yourself and any and all collage materials and make + create joy together! This is a free virtual community event focused on connection and collage making. Sign up through Eventbrite or visit @morganbukovec on Instagram to learn more. Also, Morgan is offering "A Trove of Treasures: Mini Collage Kit", for $10 each, which she created to raise awareness of World Collage Day and to support herself through the purchase of a kit to send joy. The kit includes such materials as an old photograph, 1950s-1970s magazine clippings, vintage postcards, various papers, a mini sketchbook, pompoms, do-dads and more to inspire collage making on World Collage Day. MORE


City, Sea, Chicken, Manor

11:30AM-11:30PM. City, sea, chicken, and manor are model neuter nouns in Czech grammar. They are also associated with traditional postcard motifs. Kosmo Nauty has created a special set of five collage kits for your own first collage postcards! Send Kosmo Nauty an email to receive collage kits. Share your postcards with her! Collages will be published on social media during World Collage Day 2020. MORE




Deadline: 1 May 2020. Collagists are invited to send 25 small, original collages (no copies) sized 8cm x 8cm (3.15"x3.15"). In return, each participant will receive an original of R. F. Côté's art zine, Circulaire132, with original artworks from the other 19 collagists featured in the zine. DETAILS

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