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Submissions are reviewed and accepted on an ongoing basis.
The deadline to submit is April 29, 2018.

Early Bird Registration

Kolaj Fest New Orleans is pleased to announce a limited number of Early Bird Registrations are now available for those who want to lock in their registration at a reduced rate of $75.



An Evening with The Jealous Curator

Danielle Krysa's "The Jealous Curator" blog is a cultural force, featured in dozens of magazines and followed by countless people seeking inspiration and gorgeous contemporary art. Her 2014 book, Collage, showcased 30 collage artists from around the world. "Danielle is a champion of artists and collage in particular," said Kolaj Magazine Editor, Ric Kasini Kadour. "Her eye for spotting talented contemporary artists, her ability to tease out the most brilliant advice for creative people, and her general enthusiasm for building bridges between the art world and society at large makes her one of the most compelling art writers of our time." MORE


Gallery Tours

At Kolaj Fest New Orleans, we will tour galleries along Arts District New Orleans, also known as the Warehouse Arts District or Julia Street in the Central Business District. Kolaj Fest coincides with Second Saturday, the monthly art walk through the St. Claude Arts’ District in the Bywater/Marigny neighborhood.


Call for Papers
Call to Artists

Deadline: April 29, 2018.



The program at Kolaj Fest will be a unique experience. We have multiple goals and are serving multiple audiences: We aim to breakdown hierarchy and foster dialogue among art professionals working in a variety of capacities. We aim to build bridges between the collage community and the larger art world; between the art world and the general public. Our hope is that participants will have fun, network, play, and socialize while engaging in deep, real talk about issues that are important to them. We aim that people will leave Kolaj Fest New Orleans connected to a community, armed with ideas for their art, the presentation of collage, their writing and curatorial work, or simply a deeper appreciation and understanding of collage and the people who make it.



Collage Making Space

Since 2012, writer and collagist Kevin Sampsell has hosted an Open Collage Night at Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center. Held the second Wednesday of the month, experienced collagists mingle with those just learning more about collage. The event is a a low-key, high-fun collage experience that reflects the open, friendly, community spirit of collagists. Sampsell will be bringing that energy to Kolaj Fest New Orleans as the Collage Space Director for the festival. Collage making will take place 11AM to 5PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Kolaj Fest in a space that will be a central hub of the festival. In addition to free time to make collage, the space will also host other artists who want to share their work through demonstrations and activities.

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What is Kolaj Fest New Orleans?

Kolaj Fest New Orleans is a multi-day festival and symposium about contemporary collage and its role in art, culture, and society. Our mission is to create a platform that allows us to explore critical issues around collage (how it is curated and presented, its role in contemporary art, and the tensions between collage as a medium, a genre, and a phenomenon). Our goal is to create an event that attracts a variety of people working in various capacities, such as art professionals at museums, galleries, and centers as well as academics, writers, and artists. The general public will be welcome to join us for gallery visits, evening presentations, and collage making.

Why Kolaj Fest?

For over 100 years, we have been advancing, exploring, and disrupting visual art through collage. It is about time to give the medium its due. It's time to come together as a community.


Kolaj Fest is a
decentralized event happening all over
New Orleans,
July 12-15, 2018.

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Kolaj Fest New Orleans made possible through a generous gift from Laurie and Doug Kanyer.

Call for Papers || Call to Artists

Submissions are reviewed and accepted on an ongoing basis.
The deadline to submit is April 29, 2018.

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