NOTE: This is a World Collage Day History Page we are preserving as a document of the past. To see the current World Collage Day website, CLICK HERE




Special Note: World Collage Day 2021 takes place during a time when much of the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone thinking about a World Collage Day event or project to take responsibility for educating themselves about the needs of their community. We encourage you to follow guidelines set out by health officials and be mindful that these may evolve and change over time.



Artist's Book & Collage

1PM. In celebration of World Collage Day, Marcia Rosenberger invites all enthusiasts to participate in the event, Artist’s Book & Collage, where she will host a free online artist’s book and collage workshop on her Instagram. Make and share your own accordion book using the collage technique learned in the workshop. Post on your Instagram using the hashtags #worldcollageday, #livrodeartistaecolagem and tag @oficinas.livrodeartista for your work to be reposted. EMAIL for more information. MORE



8-8:45PM PET | Calle Saenz Peña, Barranco. Aranway means “actor” and pacha means “time and space.” Michelle Llona’s aranwaypachas, collage characters, actors in space and time, will break the boundaries of pandemic restrictions and come alive, recalling our innate sense of freedom as creating human beings in a multimedia projection on one of the walls of Calle Saenz Peña, the main street of Lima's art district, Barranco. MORE



10AM-1PM CST | Alianza Francesa Managua
De la embajada de Mexíco, 1/2 al Sur Managua. Fusion, as its definition says, is the union of two or more things forming one in ideas, cultures, interests or groups. This event will be a day in which people who love collage will come together in Managua and share with other cities around the world. The event includes “Conversation about Collage,” by Collage artist Karla Cecilia Rodríguez and invited guest artists, a reception of homemade collage artworks, “The Return,” a session of sharing and feedback with a selected jury, and an exhibition at Alianza Francesa Managua Gallery from May 8-15. Students from universities, art collectives and cultural centers will be invited to participate. MORE


Postales Uruguayas

The Uruguay Collagistas Collective asks collagists far and wide to post a collage on Instagram featuring the color blue, in honor of the Uruguayan flag, and tag their account @uruguaycollagistas_collective. The group will be reposting the submissions throughout the day on World Collage Day. MORE


Collage de puertas abiertas

3-8 May 2021 | Librería Palinuro. Calle 49 B#75-33 Segundo Piso, 050021 Medellin. Juliana Arango Alvarez has organized a collaborative collage making activity at their local bookstore. Visitors will find a table with collage materials available in the Librería Palinuro. The idea is to build together, for a week, a work whose theme is "Reading". The community collage will remain in the library as part of their collection of works. Some "Collageros Kits" will also be available for sale for those who want to take home material for new creations. MORE


The Collage Inhabits Your Home

10AM-Noon. Red Collage will be broadcasting live on Instagram where they will invite viewers to join them in creating collage designed specifically to liven up the overlooked spaces of their homes. During the pandemic, most of us have spent more time at home than at any other time in our lives and Red Collage wants to “give a new meaning to those small spaces that are there in our daily lives, but we don’t really perceive their presence beyond its immediate functionality, such as light bulbs or switches.” MORE


Collage for Women

5-6:30PM. Nayelli Arley presents an online workshop for women interested in learning about collage; an approach to the technique, materials and history. The event will take place on Zoom and provide a space to experiment and make community on interesting topics about us: women. Sign up for the event via instagram or EMAIL Arley. This event is for women 18+ and space is limited. MORE


Textures, Papers, and Scissors

11AM-2PM. The Palace of Mines in conjunction with the Artificio Postal project, will be celebrating World Collage Day with an online workshop, where the collagist and artist Selene Ramírez will be exploring different textures through cutting, scrapping, pasting and composing variations. This class is in Spanish as a spoken language. Kids are allowed with parental supervision. To register, send an EMAIL. You will receive a list of materials that must be ready to use by the day of the activity. MORE



Flash Collage Workshop

In celebration of World Collage Day 2021, Muchammad Rifqi Aliwardana hosted a collage workshop with 15 participants in their hometown, Semarang, Indonesia. In this workshop, the theme was "Compression" and they used an 8.8 cm x 6.2 cm deck of cards as media for the collage. The artworks will be sent to the open call project from Celia Crane, the owner of Vayo Collage Gallery, located in Rochester, New York, US. This open call is the gallery's second international exhibition and art exchange event to honor World Collage Day as well. MORE




Community Collage

10AM-4PM NZST | Titirangi Community House. 500 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604. To celebrate International Collage Day, Naomi Azoulay has partnered with the Titirangi Community House to create a community collage. Community members of all ages are invited to participate. Some will bring images from home, others will use the printed material provided at the event. Each participant will cut and glue one image only. At the end of the day, we will have a large collage piece made by many members of the community. It will be varnished and hanged at the Community House foyer. MORE



Pandores 20.21

April 16-May 22, 2022 | Centre d'art d'Escaldes-Engordany (CAEE). Avenida Carlemany 30, 700 Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra. The exhibition "Pandores 20.21" is a result of a collage workshop offered during the pandemic to women of all levels of experience between the ages of 14 and 99, led by artist Yolanda Blanco. The purpose of the workshop and the exhibition is to spread the word about collage as a means of expression and open a space for reflection and dialogue about the pandemic, reflecting the generation and circumstance of each artist. MORE


Menagerie Collage

29 April-8 May 2021. The artistic interplay between Gudrun Linde and Daniela Kasimir takes place in the “Papierconfiserie”. We especially love to create collages together, but also to design various other mixed media projects. One of us begins the collages with combining papers, fabrics and other materials. The other, in turn, supplements with elements or texts. The results are always surprising and varied! For our project for Collage Day, Daniela designed five black motifs, which she copied five times for each of us. Then we both designed our 25 original collages with paper, fabric and print. The results were very different. The challenge was to integrate the given motifs into our artistic work. They motivated us to combine the most varied of materials and techniques and to let the individual motif appear again and again in a new environment and in a different light. When designing one of the collages, ideas for a further implementation sometimes emerged. An exciting process! When we presented our results to each other, it became clear how individually we had perceived and interpreted the motifs and how diverse the results were. Sometimes you had to look twice to realize that the same original motif was actually the starting point on two collages lying next to each other. Our collages are now being sold and every buyer receives the original motif in a small format. An invitation to examine the motif yourself and create your own interpretation. Perhaps some people would like to send us their self-designed collages as photos. We would be happy about that! MORE


Unexpected Meetings

May 8-May 15, 2021| Skellefteå konsthall, Nordanå, Ernst Westerlunds Allé, 93132 Skellefteå, Sweden. "Unexpected Meetings" is a creative collaboration between Skellefteå konsthall and students from the art high school in Skellefteå, northern Sweden. The students have received a collage starter pack with paper cutouts and a theme, which they are free to interpret through collage. Students´ work will be shown on Instagram @skellefteakonsthall and @esbild_skelleft. MORE


Street Collage

Fantasía Collage (Aurora Duque and Lo Super) invites you to fill the streets of the world with collages during the month of May. We are living in new times where the pandemic has sparked fear, mistrust, and disappointment. The power of imagination is more necessary than ever, so The Nothing does not eat The Kingdom of Fantasy, as in Michel Ende's Neverending Story. If you wish, think about it, cut it out and stick it on a wall. We will conquer The Nothing and flood the world with color and joy. You can participate by creating a collage and putting it in any public place, in the streets, on walls, windows. Upload the photo to Instagram using the hashtags #WorldCollageDay #fantasiacollage, and the name of your city. Let's go out to the streets again to celebrate collage day! We are Fantasía! MORE


Collages Connect Worlds

Noon-5PM CEST | Cleerdin & Hamer. van der Helstplein 3, 1072 PH Amsterdam. On World Collage Day Annette Visser from COCA (Collages Only Collective Amsterdam) will be present at her Exhibition at Cleerdin & Hamer Gallery at Van der Helstplein, Amsterdam, to talk about her work and the Art of Collage making in general. Several other collage artists will be present with their work and performance to celebrate the art of making collages. MORE



The Thessaloniki Collage Club Celebrates World Collage Day

11:30AM-8PM | Koumpi Arts and Crafts Café. Peloponnisou 2, Thessaloniki 546 31, Greece. Thessaloniki Collage Club has planned a variety of activities for their fourth year celebrating World Collage Day. To start, they will collage on coasters (they are in a café after all!). For the project “Don’t Leave Me!”, they will collage on paper templates of leaves to hang on the tree in front of the Café as an exhibition on World Collage Day and the days that follow. The club will make a postcard from a prepared cut-out sheet for “From Thessaloniki With Love”. Last but not least, they will host an indoor collage exhibition by club members and new work made by all participants in the windows and on a rope along the front of the cafe. Throughout the day they will post photos of all activities on their Instagram account. These events are all ages, everyone is welcome to attend. MORE


Open Call: Identity

Deadline: 24 April 2021. Berlin Collage Platform is inviting artists working in Germany to use the hashtag #berlincollageplatformidentity on Instagram for a chance to be featured in their 1st online zine, which will be published in May, in celebration of World Collage Day. The theme is IDENTITY and they want to see the pieces that define you as a collage artist. This is an opportunity to show us who you are, what makes your work unique, what is your style, what represents you the best, and what is your language when it comes to creating a collage. MORE


Collage Artist Extravaganza Party

8-10PM CEST. In commemoration of World Collage Day a group of collage artists from around the world are hosting a “Collage Artist Extravaganza Party” vía Zoom. This happy gathering celebrates the relationships between collage artists around the world. The hosts say “We´re going to have a ball! Wear a costume, bring your own drinks, come if you dare!” Adults only. This event has limited capacity so please RSVP. MORE


World Collage Day Workshop

10:30AM-12:30PM BST | South Square Centre. 1-2 South Square, Thornton, Bradford BD13 3LD. An online collage making session to celebrate World Collage Day led by artists Jean McEwan and Catherine Cartwright. No prior experience is necessary and people of all ages and abilities are welcome. The workshop is free and you can book through South Square Centre. Once you have booked your place you will be sent a link for the session on Zoom. Participants are invited to use selected images from the Thornton Antiquarian Archive to bring a very local perspective to an international event and local residents can pick up collage packs from South Square Centre. These are also available to download and print at home. MORE


Make Someone Happy - Let's Collage!

For World Collage Day, Ana Paula Barros is mailing a limited number of collage kits to develop others' creativity and inspire people during the pandemic to create and share art. Registration will be available through a link in Barros’ Instagram. She invites participants to photograph the process which she will share on her social media on May 8th. Barros will also be available during the process to answer questions and discuss ideas. MORE


Not Dancing With Politicians

May 2021 | Galerie kritiků, Palác Adria 1 p. Jungmannova 31, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic | Given that the most successful form of intermediate collage today is a socially engaged collage, based on combined techniques with painting, drawing, photography, graffiti, etc., it also carries a meaningful message without necessarily addressing political issues. However, the name of the next jubilee exhibition in May 2021 is also its thematic assignment. The exhibition is conceived as a confrontation of foreign renowned artists with young authors which include Michael Fischerkeller (USA), Jürgen Strege (Germany), Berry Sanders (Netherlands), Jan Miko (CR), Jitka Kopejtková (CR), Klaudie Hlavatá (CR), and Miroslav Polák (Slovakia). MORE


Vision & Intuition, the Reason for Art

8-22 May 2021 | Galleria D'arte "Santa Teresa Dei Maschi". Strada Santa Teresa dei Maschi, 26, 70122 in Bari, Italy. The Italian Collagists Collective with Bibart, Biennial of International Art, organizes the first international exhibition of analog collage in Bari, Italy. The theme of the exhibition will focus on “the ability to give shape to intuitive visions and feelings of the human soul, the ability of the mind to establish relationships and connections, to generate ideas, create emotions, and develop bonds and actions.” More than 30 artists, both local and international, will be exhibited and a publication will accompany the show. MORE


...it was just to find ourselves!

10AM-6PM CEST. Sicilian street collagist Demetrio Di Grado, in collaboration with the Arci Janzaria of San Michele di Ganzaria in the province of Catania, for World Collage Day, will create a 3x2 meter mural on a wall of the town hall. A place that, for 2 years, has been in constant ferment for the development of urban art and the recovery of the territory, through the theme of traditions. MORE


Theatre of Life

8AM-11:59PM CEST | Eco Hostel, Via Fornai, 44, 95121 Catania, Sicily, Italy. Over the course of World Collage Day, Italian collagist Arforisma is leading the creation of a single large scale collage art work at a former theater which now serves as a hostel in a diverse quarter of Catania. Fellow artists will drop by in the arc of the day to collaborate individually on the art work, as well as friends and owners of the hostel. Due to COVID regulations a multi-person event is out of the question, so timelines will be respected for the interactive collaboration. It will essentially be a performance with background music and film screenings. The project is to help the hostel's recovery out of the pandemic. The art work will remain in this location as a tribute to it’s past as an experimental theatre and to its future success. MORE


This Is Me

What lies behind a collage? How are those imaginary scenes born? On the occasion of World Collage Day, Collazine presents the THIS IS ME project: an invitation for collage artists to present themselves through clippings. We want to know your faces, but most of all your stories. Let yourself be inspired by the charm of self-portraits and/or biographical events, present yourself through a digital or analog collage. From 10 to 24 April, post your collage on your instagram profile with a brief explanation and the hashtag #CollazineThisIsMe. On Saturday 8 May we will share a selection of collages on our website. Collage cover by Katiuscia Toso. MORE


Framing Cuts

Arto Collective would like to reflect on the artistic process of analog collage making. How does a collage start? How does the artist move in their creative environment? Aiming to investigate and compare the different approaches to this practice, we would love to have a look at your tools, check out your paper scraps and follow your hands at work. Collage artists are invited to create a free theme collage and share the highlights of their process. Starting on 1 May 2021, you can post a 30 second video of your process on Instagram and tag Arto Collage and use the hashtag #artoframingcuts. On Saturday, May 8, they will share the videos they’ve received on their Instagram account. On the same day some of the collective’s artists will share a live video of a collage-making session. This is a call for artists for professional or amateur collagists. All are welcome. MORE


Share to Unite People

10AM-8PM CEST. Madame Pagu invites artists to use the same images to create and share collage in celebration of World Collage Day. To participate, follow the instructions on the website to receive the link to download the images Madame Pagu has collected for you to make your analog or digital collage. Publish your collage in your Instagram feed, until May 5, 2021, with #WorldCollageDay and #SoulMadamePagu. 3 places will be raffled for the workshop TUTTO COLLAGE with Madame Pagu (which will take place on 05/19/21), among the participating collagists. MORE


Found at Home

10AM-8PM BST. Found at home is an online event that you can take part in from the comfort of your own home. The brief is simple: create a collage(s) using materials found in your home. Everyday materials and household items are often overlooked, so raid your cupboards, bookcases and bins and make a collage! From magazines & newspapers to food packaging & labels (even food itself!) Create a collage and post online using the hashtags #foundathome #hiitsny and #woldcollageday and tag @_hiitsny_. Throughout the day they will be posting entries on Instagram and will choose 3 winners to send a special “Hi It's Ny” package to. MORE


Leftovers and Cutouts!

Kosmo Nauty invites artists from around the world to journey through imagination and experimentation. She is creating and mailing collage packs filled with random leftovers and cutouts made especially for World Collage Day. EMAIL Kosmo Nauty your address to receive a collage pack and then share your creation with her on social media. MORE



Through May 2021 | Library Sint - Amandsberg | Halvemaanstraat 92, 9040 Gent, Belgium | Ria Bauwens aka Necessityofnonsense has organized an exhibition at the Library of Sint - Amandsberg featuring local and international artists. All are welcome to submit by either bringing their 13cmx18cm (5”x7”) collage to the library or mailing it to Necessityofnonsense, Halvemaanstraat 113, 9040 Gent. If you are unsure where to start, collage starters packs are available at the front desk of the library. MORE


World Collage Day #STICKITUP

10:30AM-3:30PM UK Time. Jodie House and the newly formed Southwest Collage Collective hosts a day of free workshops in celebration of World Collage Day. The program will include guided collage workshops, free emailed resources, and wellbeing and positive mental health activities. Participants will also be invited to take part in the international #STICKITUP project and produce their own window gallery at home. Each individual Zoom workshop throughout the day will be emailed to all of the ticket sign ups so they can pick and choose which to attend or take part in all of them. They will be open to all regardless of creative ability or age. MORE



Surrealist Collage International

8 May-8 June 2021 | Secret Room Gallery
Secret Room Gallery and Canadian multidisciplinary art collective, The Recordists (W.A.Davison and S.Higgins), are organizing an online exhibition of collage works by friends, comrades, and collaborators in the International Surrealist community to coincide with and celebrate World Collage Day. You are invited to view the exhibition on the website between May 8th and June 8th. Send an EMAIL for more info. MORE


Collage in the Time of COVID

1-7PM EDT | Alley between Fabre & Marquette (just north of Saint-Joseph) In celebration of "World Collage Day" join neighbourhood collagists Monika, Ed, Pradeep and Ursula on May 8th for an afternoon "pop-up exposition" of "Collage in Times of COVID" in the Fabre / Marquette Ruelle Verte (just south of Laurier Street). For the young and young at heart, bring your collage works, your creativity or your curiosity, to show and to discover how we've all been coping with a dose of creativity in times of COVID. The artists will be on hand to help you find an appropriate spot to display your collage work or bring your materials (papers, ephemera and mementos, scissors, glue, etc...) and set up in the alleyway to create something on the spot. Sidewalk chalk will also be available if that's more your style! The last two hours of the event will be a Collage Cocktail Hour and an Alley Tour. Take a stroll with (or without) your favorite beverage in hand, to soak up the inspiration and meet some of your creative neighbours! Weather permitting: the event will be cancelled in case of rain. MORE


Blue: Quebec Collage Online Exhibition

Deadline: 26 April 2021. Blue, a color and an emotion, to feel blue or have the blues (in French, avoir les blues). This important color influenced Picasso at the beginning (the blue period), it was for him a dark period filled with melancholy, poverty and emotional fragility. A parallel can be drawn between this period and the period in which we live. To celebrate International Collage Day on May 8, 2021, Québec Collage invites you to create a mostly blue collage. The collage can integrate other colors, but these must be minimally used. For information on how to submit your work, visit Quebec Collage’s website. The selected works will be shown on Quebec Collage’s Instagram starting May 8, 2021, as well as Facebook and web galleries on quebeccollage.com. The works may be associated with potential Quebec Collage projects in the future. Happy collaging! MORE


The Rainbow Show

22 April-9 May 2021 | Da Vinci Art Alliance. 704 Catharine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19147. The Rainbow Show is an exhibition featuring 24 artists of Philadelphia CollageWorks who each created small, monochromatic collages in appreciation of the spectrum as expressed in the rainbow. The hundreds of small works in this exhibition are hung by color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black to create a glowing rainbow that surrounds the Da Vinci Art Alliance upstairs gallery. The diverse styles and techniques of the many artists involved are highlighted as they stand in ideological harmony in support of the Philadelphia LGBTQ community and of Black Lives. Philadelphia CollageWorks aims to achieve an appreciation of collage as an important and strong art form. They encourage collage artists to express their individuality and to collaborate in addressing current art and social issues in a meaningful and creative way. Although this work was created during traumatic experiences of Covid-19, The Rainbow Show hopes to become a symbol of unity, hope and better things to come. The Rainbow Show coincides with World Collage Day on May 8th. Philadelphia CollageWorks will create collage kits to distribute to the Philadelphia community to encourage people of all ages to know the joy of making collages. The Rainbow Show and related programming is open to the public and all ages. This exhibition is located in Philadelphia and can be visited by making an appointment. MORE


COMPRESSION: A Virtually-Virtual Collage Exhibition

8-31 May 2021 | Vayo Collage Gallery. 26 Vayo Street, Rochester, NY 14609. Opening May 8th in celebration of the 4th annual World Collage Day, Vayo Collage Gallery’s “Compression” exhibition will showcase more than fifty original collage works from contemporary collage artists across the globe. Free admission will be offered to local residents who schedule their socially-distanced viewing slots online. Quite unlike the typical gallery experience, the exhibition will be housed inside an upcycled garden shed. Access to the exhibition is being offered free to the public, but appointments must be scheduled online in advance. Because there are a limited number of time slots available, those interested in attending are encouraged to schedule their visit early on the website. The exhibition will be thoroughly documented on the gallery’s Instagram page for those unable to attend in person. MORE


"Cut Me Loose" Collage-a-Rama Artists Talk

online via Zoom | 11AM-Noon | Arc Gallery & Studios. Celebrate the art of collage with an online artists talk by San Francisco artists who participate in the monthly Collage-a-Rama collage-making sessions at Arc Gallery. See the artists' collage work featured in the ​"Cut Me Loose" Collage-a-Rama 2021 Exhibition ​in the Project Gallery at Arc. Hear from the featured artists: Carrington Arredondo, Glenn Bachman, Johnny Botts, Dianne Hoffman, Sean O'Donnell, Priscilla Otani, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Steve Sweetser, Stephen C. Wagner, and Tanya Wilkinson. Register in advance. MORE


Collage Artists of America: Behind the Artist

11AM-1PM PDT. Collage Artists of America (CAA) will celebrate this special day with an event to connect and inspire artists. This online Zoom event will be a show-and-tell style discussion. Attendees will hear directly from collage artists around the United States. Each artist will have two minutes to discuss their work, so everyone who joins us will leave with many new ideas! Presentations are open to all. Please EMAIL with an image and title of your work to claim a spot. For those who want to present, registration is first come, first served, with a final deadline of May 5. MORE


Brown Papier Bag Collage

Brown Papier Bag Collage was created by Houston artists, Anastasia “Stacy” Kirages and Chasity Porter, as a way to engage and educate the community about collage and World Collage Day. A group of 10 regional collage artists will be featured and the Houston community will be able to participate in making their own collages with the Brown Papier Bag Collage project. Each bag holds various forms of ephemera from handmade papers, to magazine cutouts, to maps, and sheets of book paper. Artists are directed to use as much as they want from the bag with a minimum of 5 items to create a one of a kind collage artwork with the brown paper bag serving as a canvas for their work of art. In all, Stacy and Chasity produced 50 bags, 40 of which will be placed around the Houston area for the finders to join in creating a Brown Papier Bag Collage. For out of town folks, if you would like to join in, grab a paper bag to make a collage of your own and use the official hashtag #bpbcollage to share! MORE


Painting with Paper

10AM-6PM CDT | The Hangar Art Company. 105 West Jefferson Street, Bloomington, IL, 61701. The Hangar Art Co. will be celebrating World Collage Day by featuring collage artist Jim Neeley of Wisecracker Studios. Jim has created over 100 "obsession tiles", collage pieces which will be available to view in an interactive exhibit at The Hangar. Guests will be invited to rearrange the exhibit to their liking, and select tiles to create their own unique piece next to the collection. All tiles will be available for purchase. MORE


World Collage Day Workshop: Found Objects, Collage & Assemblage

11:30AM-2:30PM | Morean Arts Center. 719 Central Avenue, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701. Whether it's items picked-up off the street, junk mail, recycling finds, or discarded packaging from the kitchen, all the little pieces and scraps of seemingly useless paper items that are everywhere these days, can become fertile materials for art-making. After more than ten years of making street art out of street trash, Instructor Lance Rothstein, (AKA @fanclub.13) will guide this special workshop to commemorate World Collage Day. A quick half-hour introduction and discussion of the practice, will be followed by a half-hour scavenger hunt around the few blocks surrounding the Morean Arts Center to gather some materials. These found items, along with a basket full of fun scraps brought by the artist, will be transformed by the participants into intricate works of art celebrating the long tradition of collage artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch, Ray Johnson, Picasso, Braque, Rauschenberg and Rosenquist. Rothstein says “I find great pleasure and peace in sorting through the items I've found over the years; little ticket stubs, gum wrappers, price labels, cigar wrappers and newspapers left on the bus with half a crossword finished. These are the relics of our own society. Sometimes I try to look at them as if I were an archaeologist or anthropologist from a thousand years in the future, and I let myself imagine what those people were like, who left this precious scrap of information behind for me to come across? What did they use it for? What does it mean?” These are the things that will be investigated in this workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring their own scraps if they feel like gathering some beforehand, and also to bring their preferred collaging tools such as scissors, pen knife, cutting mat, etc, if they have them, but all supplies will be provided for everyone. Finished artworks will be shared on social media using the hashtag #WorldCollageDay2021 and they will also view work being made around the world in conjunction with the event. MORE



8-9PM. Artists For Humanity celebrates World Collage Day with the public art projection reIMAGINE. Through the power of our animators, a splash of motion design, and the longstanding collage skills of our teen 3D designers, reIMAGINE conjoins recycled magazines and technology, constructing and deconstructing, to tell stories that reexamine the known to reimagine our now. Livestreaming over a period of one hour, reIMAGINE will use light and motion to reveal the process, showcase the voices of young designers and enchant the audience. Watch the livestream from 8-9PM (EST) on May 8th and take time to reIMAGINE! MORE


IS183 Art School of the Berkshires: World Collage Day Celebration

9:30AM-9:15PM. Collage brings different things together to create new forms and new ways of thinking. Celebrate World Collage Day on May 8, 2021 with IS183 Art School and Berkshire artists. They’re offering collage workshops from morning 'til night followed by a virtual Artist Talk led by collage artist Karen Arp-Sandel, and a Collage Club social gathering on Zoom to close out the celebration. Sign up for one or all classes in their World Collage Day lineup! Tuition is $25 per class with a special All Day Access Pass rate. Deluxe Collage Kits and Inspirational Cut-Out pages available for purchase at IS183.org. Join them also for their juried virtual Collage Marathon Exhibit featuring work from local collage artists. Up at IS183.org from World Collage Day through the end of the month! MORE


What In The World?

2-4PM. NYCollageEnsemble, a New York based collage group, will host an online collage party to celebrate World Collage Day. The theme is "What in the World?", open to any artistic interpretation. They invite all artists of any skill level to meet with them on zoom, hang out, make art and chat with like-minded people. In addition, Patti Robinson, one of the founding members, will give a short presentation about collage. This event is free and open to anyone who likes to collage. MORE


Day de Dada
Collage Meet-up

4PM. Day de Dada Performance Art Collective will take a quick look at their favorite Dada collage artists (Höch, Hausmann, Arp), and take about 15 minutes to create collage based on a challenge and then share their work. For more info or to RSVP, send an email. MORE


Pieces, Then a Picture

8-31 May 2021 | Art School of Columbia County. 1198 Co Rte 21, Ghent, NY 12075. This exhibition by members and faculty of original works celebrates the technique by which art results from reworking pieces of different forms to create something new. MORE


World Collage Day
with the Birmingham Museum of Art

The Birmingham Museum of Art has a few things planned for World Collage Day. First, make the most out of your Art After 5 art kits! In each kit you will find visual materials, plain cardstock, and a glue stick for creating your own unique collage projects. Tune in virtually on Saturday, May 8th to access art making videos to inform your projects. Next, enjoy the virtual studio visit with Tameca Cole. Cole began making collages while incarcerated at Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women. Her work links penal time to other forms of racialized subjugation and violence against Black people. Her collages combine images from newsprint, books, and photographs to examine the criminal legal system and the nation's long history of anti-Black violence. Tameca invites us into her world, sharing her story, process and inspiration behind her powerful work. And on May 18th join associate professor of history at the University of Alabama and a collage artist, Teresa Cribelli, Ph.D. for a virtual deep dive into collage, “ArtBreak: The History of Collage.” Through disassembling and reassembling vintage illustrations, figures, colors and textures, Cribelli reuses historical materials to disrupt and recreate contemporary understandings of gender and the environment. Her practice suggests collage's integral role in art, culture, and society working as both an artist and advocate to increase awareness and education about this accessible and very modern medium. For this Artbreak, Cribelli will talk about collage’s history, her work, the importance of the medium and share some of the techniques she uses in her work, inviting you to follow along and do the same! (image: All Locked in a Dark Calm by Tameca Cole (2016)) MORE


Come Glue with Us!

12-4PM | Spalding Nix Fine Art. 425 Peachtree Hills Avenue, Suite 30-A Atlanta, GA 30305. To celebrate World Collage Day on May 8, 2021, Spalding Nix Fine Art invites you to a mini-workshop sponsored by the Atlanta Collage Society. Please visit the gallery anytime between 12:00-4:00 for this hands-on, socially distanced, gently guided, creative, playful, family event! All materials will be provided. No fees, no pre-registration - and no previous collage experience is necessary. Think of it as artistic recycling! Questions? Please EMAIL Ellen. MORE


Collaborative Printmaking and Chine Collé Workshop with Neal Ambrose-Smith

10AM-3PM. Farm & Table. 8917 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114. Presented by 516 ARTS. Join artist Neal Ambrose-Smith outdoors in the fields at Farm & Table for a socially distanced printmaking workshop. Participants will be instructed in basic techniques of printmaking and Chine Collé, and are invited to collaborate on a 60-foot long print scroll created on portable presses. Each participant will have the chance to bring a piece of the print home. Box lunch from Farm & Table is included, and can be enjoyed on the beautiful grounds of one of Albuquerque’s finest restaurants. Covid safety procedures are ensured for the duration of the event. Registration required, all ages invited. MORE


World Collage Day with Artdose Magazine

11AM-1PM. Join Artdose Magazine on Saturday, May 8th from 11am-1pm for an afternoon of collaging, networking, and simply just hanging out via their own personal creative space. On this day, we will celebrate our joy for collage. MORE


World Collage Day at Saint Kate-The Arts Hotel

11AM-Noon CDT | Saint Kate-The Arts Hotel. 139 East Kilbourn, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Guest Curators Frank Juarez and Ric Kasini Kadour invite guests to consider cash, labor, and capital and its profuse influence in our contemporary life. Saint Kate invites guests to explore their special exhibition The Money $how, which highlights artists using collage to unpack ideas about money and its influence on our culture. Guests may take self-guided tours through The Money $how or join Saint Kate Curator, Samantha Timm, for a guided tour and discussion around the exhibition. MORE


UToledo Celebrates World Collage Day

Noon-2PM EDT | UToledo Student Union. 2801 West Bancroft Street, Toledo, OH 43606. During the month of April fifty collage kits were made available to students for pick up at the student union. Students are encouraged to share their collages using on social media using the hashtag #UToledoWorldCollageDay and/or drop their collages off by April 30 at the student union room 1532 to participate in a window exhibition. Students who either exhibit their work online or in the window exhibition will be considered for our best of show award! We will have two categories: best of show window exhibit and best of show online exhibit. The winner will be announced on May 8th. Weather permitting there will be a collage demo outside the student union near the window exhibit. All University of Toledo students are eligible to enter a collage into the competition. Members of the public are welcome to view the window display and participate in the collage demo. Note: The University of Toledo observes social distancing practices of maintaining at least six feet of distance between participants and requires mask-wearing in all indoor spaces. MORE


Collage Gab-N-Glue-Virtual

10:30AM-12:30PM | Uncommon ART. 134 N Main Street, Hudson, OH 44236. Uncommon ART will host a collage Gab-n-Glue party via Zoom. Festivities begin at 10:30am EDT and will last about 2 hours. Everyone will be working on their own artwork, chatting, and trading collage-making tips. Gather your supplies and join in from home! The theme this year is “Of House And Home“. During the pandemic and quarantining of this past year, our perceptions of home may have evolved or given us new perspectives on what “home” means to us. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to create a 2D or 3D or even 4D artwork about the concept of house and home. Log into the Zoom link on May 8th and create your home-related masterpiece! There is no charge for the Zoom link but registration is required. MORE


World Collage Day Social Media Exhibit

23 March-8 May | McDonough Museum of Art. The McDonough Museum of Art invites anyone who wants to participate to EMAIL photos of completed collages with the subject listed as #WorldCollageDay, post it on Facebook and tag @McDonoughMuseumofArt and #WorldCollageDay, or post on Instagram and tag @mcdonough_museum_of_art and #WorldCollageDay. Collages must be completed on or before May 8 and the museum will be posting the images they receive on their social media on May 8. This event is for all ages. MORE


Let's Make + Create Joy & Collage Kits

4-5PM EDT. Morgan Bukovec is hosting a free virtual collage making party Saturday, May 8th to celebrate World Collage Day. It will be a free virtual community event focused on connection and collage making. Bring yourself, your collage making materials & let's make + create joy together! Morgan is also selling mini, medium, and massive-sized collage kits for World Collage Day stuffed with colorful and magical materials. Purchase of a collage kit includes a registration for Morgan's World Collage Day virtual collage party. MORE


WWCD: What Would @collageclub Do? Workshops for World Collage Day

1AM-8PM PDT. Join The Collage Club for WWCD, a day that will span several time zones and challenge the traditional 24 hour barrier for community, collaboration, and collage. Sign up for zoom sessions that will include Ugly Food, thread techniques, locative collage, a Collage Shindig, and general time to cut and paste in community. Get lost in between the pages with @thecollageclub, let’s talk scissors, scalpels, glues, and substrates. Space is limited, check their instagram page for a link or sign up HERE. Share the collages that you create with them on Instagram using the hashtag #wwcd2021. MORE


Vapors and Papers with Sharp Hands Gallery

1-3PM PDT. Grab your beverage of choice and join the curators and artists behind Sharp Hands gallery for a casual cut and paste hang out. Sign up to receive a zoom link, and feel free to print and use any part of the photograph on the website in a piece you create. Post what you made during the hang out to Instagram with the hashtag #sharphandsWCD. Adults only. MORE



2-5PM EDT | Bronx River Art Center. 1087 East Tremont Avenue, The Bronx, NY 10460. From Joseph Cornell’s curious found-object boxes to Romare Bearden layered scenes of black lives “paste-ups,” we discover the seemingly limitless way to mix materials and create something entirely new and surprising. While living in the present and dreaming about the future and possibilities of the post-pandemic state, we ask ourselves how we can imagine our futures together? Collage is the best amalgamating medium to take us to this journey. Collage unites every day, the fantastical, the magical, the urban, and the human. While integrating the dreams into the cutouts, Kathie Halfin and the Bronx River Art Center will create a community collage that will be presented at the main window of the gallery space in the Bronx. Each participant will use transparent colored plastic to collage images of their dreams. The final piece will be installed on the window and will include transparent colored strips covered with collaged shapes of participants. MORE


Postcards from the Edge

4PM PST. The Northwest Collage Society in conjunction with the Everett Public Library will be celebrating World Collage Day by hosting a live and interactive online workshop where John Arbuckle will lead participants in creating their own collage postcards using recycled materials. A limited number of free supply kits will be available for pickup from the Everett Public Library. Sign-ups for kits will begin in April and are open to adults and children alike. MORE


Breathe New Life Into Your Abandoned Art

7-9PM PDT. Breathe new life into your abandoned, half-finished art. Gather your unfinished sketches and paintings and let Maja Sereda, Soo Hong (abstract artist), and Cheryl Chudyk (collage artist) help you reimagine them into new fantastic pieces of art. If you have heaps of discarded drawings that never came to fruition, each may contain a precious fragment that you can liberate and refashion into exciting new compositions, insert into new environments, or transform with fresh ideas. Layer, paint, or draw, whatever your creative heart desires. MORE


Pick up a Free Collage Making Kit at ShoreLake Arts Gallery

12-5PM | ShoreLake Arts Gallery. 17171 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155. ShoreLake Arts Gallery is celebrating World Collage Day on Saturday, May 8th. Stop by the gallery between 12-5pm and pick up your FREE deluxe collage kit lovingly filled with ephemera of all sorts by local Lake Forest Park artist, Elsa Bouman. Kits are limited in supply. First come, first served. Take your kit home, make a collage, post it on your Instagram account and tag us: @shorelakearts, #worldcollageday #shorelakeartsgallery. MORE


Trigonal Gallery presents World Collage Day

27 April-31 May 2021 | Trigonal Gallery celebrates World Collage Day with an online exhibition featuring high profile artists including Winston Smith, Ken Butler and Kendra Morris along with over 20 other collage artists from around the world. MORE


Collage Improv! World Collage Day edition of Collage Jam

2-3:30PM EDT. Join artist Kal Honey (and partner, artist Kim-Lee Kho) for a World Collage Day edition of their popular Virtual Collage Jam on Kal’s YouTube channel. They’ll be doing several fast and fun collages based on your spur-of-the-moment prompts suggested in the chat. Gather your collage materials and sharpen your scissors (and wits). Afterwards, request to join their Private Facebook group to share your collages with other participants. If you can’t make the live event, a replay will be available on YouTube. MORE


Exquisite Community

Noon-8PM | The Co-ordinating Artist’s Studio. 1525 SW Taylors Ferry Road, Portland, OR 97219. This is a co-operative, group project based on the Surrealists’ party game of 100 years ago known as “Cadavre Exquis” or “The Exquisite Corpse”. Comprised of several teams of four individual collage artists, residing in the Pacific Northwest, each will make a section of a body that will ultimately form a “Community” of many bodies. Contributing artists will primarily be doing their work in their own spaces, and sending it onward through the mail, while a few will work together in person. Finished works will be sent back to the organizer, MJ Connors Davison, who will then exhibit them in her studio space which will be open to the public on World Collage Day. Documentation and virtual coverage of the exhibit is planned as well. All artworks will be for sale, benefitting the project’s regional artist-participants. MORE


Community in Collage by PNW Collage Collective

8 May-22 June | Fencework :: An Outward Facing Neighborhood Gallery for Collage. NE 74th Avenue & Oregon Street, Portland, OR 97213. PNW Collage Collective is hosting its first exhibition in celebration of World Collage Day at an outdoor gallery open to all in Portland, Oregon, called Fencework :: An Outward Facing Neighborhood Gallery for Collage. The show will feature a selection of 24 collages from around the world submitted through an open call in response to the theme “Community.” PNWCC co-founders Laura Weiler and Kellette Elliott, and Fencework Gallery creator Clive Knights curated the show which will present the collages as printed enlargements on all-weather panels. MORE

Read the Call to Artists
Deadline: 1 April 2021.


Zine Circulaire132

Deadline: 1 April 2021. In order to participate, each individual is to mail 25 original (no copies) small collages 8cmx8cm (3.15"x3.15"). In return, the participant will receive an original copy of R. F. Côté's art zine, Circulaire132, by mail. Any participation received after the deadline or participation that does not meet the requirements, will be published in a regular issue of Circulaire132. MORE


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