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Special Note: World Collage Day 2022 takes place during a time when much of the world continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone thinking about a World Collage Day event or project to take responsibility for educating themselves about the needs of their community. We encourage you to follow guidelines set out by health officials and be mindful that these may evolve and change over time.


Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


Collage Vacio

14 May 2022, 4:20-7:20PM COT | Circulo Vacio | Carrera 46 #79-82. Círculo Vacío Colectivo (Empty Circle Collective) has been meeting since October 2021 as part of the Collage Vacio (Empty Collage) initiative, in order to provide cultural spaces to the city of Barranquilla, experiment with different collage techniques, create exhibition spaces for new artists, and disseminate, transmit and safeguard the expression of collage to the public. The collective invites anyone interested to join them in this movement. Starting in April they are resuming their meetings at their space in the Porvenir neighborhood which will culminate in a celebratory meeting on World Collage Day. Locations may vary from meeting to meeting so visit the collective’s website or follow them on social media for details on meetings and projects. MORE


Hello Collage

14 May 2022, Noon-5PM CDT | Palacio de Minería | Calle de Tacuba 5, Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México. Artifício Postal, the community-facing, workshop-oriented collage practice of Selene Ramírez, is celebrating the ability to meet again on this year’s World Collage Day. Ramírez invites you to join her for a community experience centered around collage. Three events will take place throughout the day. The first event is a collage workshop from Noon-1:30PM. The second event is a meet-up from 2-5PM where artists and enthusiasts can discuss collage and get to know each other. The culminating event is a forum from 3-4PM where the public can get to know the people who are making collage in Mexico City. Each event takes place within the Palacio de Minería, a beautiful historical building located in the center of the city. All events are free and open to the public, however the first two events require registration. To register, send an email to cultura@mineria.unam.mx. MORE


World Collage Day Brazil

14 May 2022, 9AM-5PM BRT | Galeria Plexi | Rua Patizal 76. In celebration of World Collage Day 2022, Rede Collage Brazil and Galeria Plexi invite you to a day full of collage. As part of the schedule of events, there will be collage workshops with the collagists Kinjin, Nana Fernandes, Bia Murad and Iara Carvalho; a large exhibition with guest artists; an exchange of collages among all who wish to participate; the creation of a collaborative collage panel; and feillage, the collage fair. The event is open to the public. MORE



Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


Todo Loco IV: Pandemonium

Late April-Mid May | Storefronts. Todo Loco began life as the mutant spawn of artists Emma Anna and Fernando García Vásquez who, inspired by the idea of the world gone crazy, and the therapeutic aspects of collage practice, curated the first installment of a group exhibition exploring these themes in 2016. Three previous editions of the show have now been held on a bi-annual basis popping up in at rebel art space La Casa Verde in Colombia’s Caribbean city of Barranquilla. The 2020 incarnation of the exhibition coincided with the first wave of lockdowns bought about by the global pandemic and was staged online. In 2022 the fourth version of the exhibition heads Downunder to Emma Anna’s homeland of Australia. Todo Loco IV will pop up initially in Frankston, an outer Melbourne beachside suburb. Activating non-traditional spaces to showcase a collection of outstanding works, the exhibition will be staged in a number of occupied and vacant shop fronts in the Frankston CBD. A series of free collage workshops will be held at the Frankston Arts Centre in the lead up to the exhibition. Further information will be provided via the project Instagram page. MORE


Whau Community Collage

14 May 2022, 11AM-4PM NZST | ALL GOODS Community Art Space | 99 Rosebank Road, Avondale. Naomi Azoulay and Whau the People have partnered to celebrate World Collage Day; A community collage event where community members of all ages are invited to co-create a large collage piece, reflecting and celebrating the Whau and its rich cultural fabric. The large collage piece made by many members of the community will then be on display in a public space at the Whau. Free event, everyone is welcome, and all materials are provided. MORE


World Collage Day at the Waverley Library

14 May 2022, 10AM-1PM AEST | Waverley Library | 32-46 Denison Street, Bondi Junction. A celebration of all things cut & paste. Register your interest today! Interested in collage making or looking to try an alternative art form? Meet other creatives in the community at Waverley Library and celebrate the art of cut & paste. Pop in any time between the designated times and immerse yourself in this unique form of art that has had a resurgence in popularity. All skill levels and experience welcome. A member of the Sydney Collage Society will be on hand to give tips and advice. All materials provided. Just bring something to carry your work home. Ages 15+. MORE


Belles Lettres: Collage in the Age of Covid Exhibition

12-22 May 2022 | Scratch Art Space | 67 Sydenham Road
A group of 10 Sydney-based collage students are showing their work with an exhibition opening on World Collage Day. During the Covid pandemic, Australia closed its borders and experienced one of the harshest lockdowns in the world. During this unique and uncertain time, students of the WEA, Sydney (Workers Educational Association, est. 1913.) were delivered a wonderful online weekly collage class by visual arts teacher, Brendan Vivian Smith. Over these weeks of stay-at-home orders the group created collage with images, materials, and papers that were at hand. The class also provided structure to the week and vital social connection. Collectively the group created new horizons, stories, and imaginings that brought beauty into their lives and kept their world large. This exhibition celebrates that work. MORE


Tsekouras Arts - International Collage Day Workshop

14 May 2022, 11AM-1PM, 2-4PM AEST | Online. Nicholas Tsekouras will be facilitating two workshops (same content for each) for World Collage Day. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to learn the basics of collage and get creative. All materials must be sourced by the participating individuals as this is an online workshop. The workshop is for all ages and abilities and everyone is encouraged to come! The event is “pay-what-you-can” and you can register by sending an email. MORE


Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


World Collage Day with the Laboratorio de Collage de Madrid

14 May 2022, 4-7PM CEST | Espíritu 23, Malasaña. Since 2017, the Madrid Collage Lab has held regular meetings and published various fanzines. For World Collage Day 2022, the members of the collective are celebrating life with a call to artists under the theme "Re-Encounter". This concept describes the joy of meeting to make collage and represents the resilience of the collective during the pandemic, where meeting was forbidden which made them treasure and miss those creative encounters. The Labzine comes with a selection of the 32 best submitted collages, as well as interesting texts and reflections on collective collage by collaborating artists such as Juan Carlos Ruiz, Eugenia Conde, Antonio Martin Ferran, Pablo Ballesteros, Sandra Jimenez, Maribel Dominguez and Xan Serantes. Additionally, Ariane Cristiel has conducted interviews with Rebeca Elizegi and Jorge Chamorro, where they talk about their careers and varied topics related to the art of collage. On the 14th there will be a meeting of the collective where the Labzine will be presented in the city of Madrid in the neighborhood of Malasaña. If you want to attend, please contact them by email to reserve a place, as the capacity is limited to 20 people. MORE


Street Collage

14 May 2022 | Online. In recent years, the world has experienced many difficulties, but how do we learn from it? For World Collage Day, Fantasia Collage invites you to fill the streets with your collages and turn collage into the thread that unites us. Let's take to the streets claiming "PEACE". To participate, make a collage, preferably without a background, paste it on the street and upload the photo to Instagram with the hashtags #worldcollageday #fantasiacollage2022 and include the name of your city. Fantasia Collage will also be coordinating an in-person meetup in Madrid to take to the streets together and put up collages. For more information, follow them on Instagram. MORE



14 May 2022 | Online. Ana Paula Barros started and mailed several A6-sized collages to participants across Europe. Those artists finished the collages and sent them back to Barros who will be displaying them online on her Instagram for World Collage Day. MORE


Life is wonderful...and a little collage!

14 May 2022, 11:30AM-4:30PM EEST | Koumbi Coffee & Crafts Café | Peloponnesos 2 (above the ancient Agora). The Thessaloniki Collage Club is engaging the city of Thessaloniki once more in the art of collage, celebrating World Collage Day for the 5th time in a row. They have organized a variety of day-long collage activities for all ages: triangular paper flags will be collaged and will decorate the street and café front. Rolls of brown wrapping paper will unfold on tables outside for a quick “stop by and paste” collage. Their yearly big size common collage will be filled by the participation of all visitors. Inside they have an exhibition with work by regular Club participants and collage books and publications. MORE



14 May 2022 | De Krook | Miriam Makebaplein 1. Post-It's are without a doubt the most universal carrier of spontaneous thoughts, work lists, cute messages, grocery notes and amazing insights. They are everywhere, and yet so volatile. They are the mayfly of the written stories. But also, the perfect canvas for small collages! 3 years after the World Collage Atlas project, COUPEE launched a brand new project for World Collage Day. A huge exhibition of hundreds of small collages, made by artists all over the world. On May 14th, all of the collages will be presented in The Krook, a great public place in Ghent, the new tourist hot spot of Belgium. A selection of the collages will be printed as Post-It blocs and the collection will be available for other exhibitions worldwide. MORE



14 May 2022, 5:30PM CEST | Café La Perle | 8 rue du Port au Vin. Visit a collective "flash" exhibition, organized especially for World Collage Day by the Nantes collective Colle Hector. The five artists worked on collective collages using paintings found in flea markets, the rule being that each participant had to intervene at least once on each painting. The artists have been hosting these collages for five days in their ateliers, crafting, modifying, deconstructing more and more the work with glued papers. The café La Perle, associated with the project, hosted the artists' meetings. This year, the theme is "Les croûtes", "eye sore" in French, old paintings forgotten in the attic. MORE



14 May 2022, 2-4PM CEST | LOFT | Młynska 15. Collage artist Alex Perzyńska, aka Mad Collagist, along with artist Filip Rzodkiewicz, will be hosting a 2 hour collage session where attendees will participate in a live collage postcard collaboration. There will be an exhibition of the postcards at the end of the event, as well as a photo session. The event is free and all are welcome. MORE


World Collage Day at MERZ

14 May 2022 | MERZ | Queens Road. In 2021, Ric Kasini Kadour was invited to curator an exhibition in the town of Birr, County Offaly, Ireland. In the center of the town is an empty column from which a “leaning” statue of the Duke of Cumberland was removed on the grounds of safety. Caroline Conway, the Visual Arts Curator, related “in folk memory it was an act of political assertion” and she was considering it to be the subject of their forthcoming annual Vintage Week & Arts Festival. The idea being to invite international artists to create a collage envisaging “safety, security, well-being and dignity”. Ric was delighted to take on the project. 18 artists from 11 countries attended a virtual meeting to learn more about the project and the history of Birr itself. They each researched and created their individual and imaginative responses to the challenge, using a diverse range of techniques. By August Conway mounted the collages on fencing outside Birr Theatre & Arts Centre and was thrilled to see the public’s interest and engagement with an exhibition outside and available to all. The exhibition traveled to the USA in 2021 and will be shown at MERZ Gallery, Sanquhar, Scotland for World Collage Day 2022 on May 14th curated by Denise Zygadlo. A book about the exhibition, Empty Columns Are a Place to Dream, including all the collages with texts by Ric Kasini Kadour will be available to purchase. A local arts group will be visiting the exhibition before making their own collages based on Health and Wellbeing Week, and bringing the completed works to MERZ at the end of their session to add to the show. Denise Zygadlo was one of the artists in the original exhibition in Birr and will be bringing a selection of her own collages to the exhibition. MORE


World Collage Day Exhibition

14 May-7 June 2022 | Fanø Plejecenter | Sønder Engvej 2. Between 15-20 amateur collage artists will have work on display for this exhibition. The call for artists asked for collage work from artists that had never shown in an exhibition before, giving an opportunity for those that are just beginning their collage journey. Located in the garden of the Care Center, there will be music and drinks. All are welcome. MORE


Collazine: Artists at Risk Fundraiser

14 May 2022 | Collazine | Online. Wars, pandemics, climate change. The world seems to be an unsafe place to live in today and when we think that the only refuge may be in a better future, we realize that we are already living it, and should navigate it with care. It’s not possible to erase the past, but let's imagine we have a blank sheet ready to rewrite a new story lived by moments of quiet, optimism and trust. We imagine a different future, but one so close that it can almost be touched. On the occasion of World Collage Day, Collazine will launch a fundraiser in support of Artists at Risk, a non-profit organization that since 2013 has been assisting artists who are politically vulnerable and are fleeing oppression and war in 26 locations, in 19 countries around the world. Artists at Risk hosts persecuted artists, writers, curators, critics and scholars by facilitating their safe passage from their countries of origin, hosting them at Artists at Risk Residencies and curating related projects. On rapso.org, unpublished collages made by ten international artists, inspired by the theme, a prompt to create a candid space in pursuit of a different future, will be made available for purchase. All proceeds will be donated to Artists at Risk. MORE


Colagem de Colagens

Ongoing through May | ARTESIS Galeria | 15 Travess Zacharias Guerreiro. “Colagem de Colagens” is an annual invitation exhibition for artists living and working in Portugal's East Algarve. It is intended to encourage existing artists to explore the technique and medium of collage and photomontage and to provide new artists with an opportunity to create and exhibit art works for the first time. There will be twenty artists exhibiting and the show will be on view for the month of May. MORE


Acts of Hope: World Collage Day 2022

14 May 2022, 11AM-3:30PM BST | The Ripple | 198 Restalrig Road South
The Ripple celebrates World Collage Day with leading Scottish Collagists, Alex Callaghan, Lauren McLauglin and Rosa Moxham, who will talk about their work, and then join us for an afternoon of friendly, “hands on” collage workshops led by Sasha Saben Callaghan, Stella Hervey Birrell and Funmi Lijadu. This is a community event for anyone who is interested in collage, whatever their level of experience. Children 8+ are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult. The Ripple is an accessible, step free venue, with an adapted bathroom. BSL interpretation will be available for the morning session. Register in advance. MORE


Homage to Ukrainian Folk Artist Maria Prymachenko

Ongoing | Online. The Museum of Local History in Ivankiv, Kyiv region, has burned down as the result of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The small museum had about 25 paintings by Ukrainian folk artist Maria Prymachenko (1908-1997). She was famous for the colorful ornamental flowers and fantastical beasts. In honor of World Collage Day, kosmo_nauty is releasing a special edition of her collage kits to remember Prymanchenko's work. She invites artists from around the world to journey through imagination and experimentation with colors and cutouts. In each analog collage kit you will find assorted colored and ephemeral cutouts, floral paper shapes, and vase and ornament cutouts for creating your own blossomed flower collage. Shape your own Prymachenko! kosmo_nauty is distributing about 30 analog collage kits, with a content of selected thematic material. Email your address to receive a unique numbered collage kit and then share your creation with her on social media using the hashtag #workshopskosmo_nauty. She will be resharing your creations throughout the day on World Collage Day. MORE


A Train Station Like a Collage

13-15 May 2022, 9AM-7PM CEST | Gare de Valençay | Rue de la Gare
Historic train station, Gare de Valençay, will be exhibiting 17 collage artists over the weekend to celebrate Word Collage Day in Valençay, France. The station, where arrivals and departures cross, is a place of heartbreak and sadness as well as happiness and dreams. A daily train for one, a unique journey for the other. The beauty of the station stands, as in a successful collage, in this harmony of opposing forces where the passage and the passenger are one. Several countries are represented (Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Cuba) and notably some members of the Québec Collage community. Jacques Prévert, also a great collagist, would certainly have liked the place, moreover, he wrote: "Le temps nous égare. Le temps nous étreint. Le temps nous est gare. Le temps nous est train." Curated by Stéphane Guibert, featured artists include J.Bertrand, E.Bonnet, E.Bournet Delbosc, L.Buisan, L.Cabrera, D.Crunelle, J.Debatisse, Dréa, RBK Elizegi, A.Mendonça, C.Mendonça, S.Montenonça, B.Nunes, V.Maltais, P.Regentait, F.Thiry, and E.Ubretgi. MORE


Tag und Nacht - Collective Textile Collage

14 May 2022, 1-4PM CEST | HelloWelcome | Bundesstrasse 13. At HelloWelcome, a meeting place for refugees, migrants and local people, Andrea Portmann will lead a group of 8 adults in creating a large textile collage using material from sample books that come from Aline Bruns Textile Atelier. Register early as space is limited. MORE


Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


Mystic Krewe BBQ

14 May 2022, Noon-5PM CDT | MKSG HQ | Mid City. The Mystic Krewe of Scissors & Glue, New Orleans’ very own collage community, took a long hiatus during the pandemic but now they’re back with monthly Collage Nights and are looking toward the future. Join the krewe for a casual barbecue to discuss potential projects and initiatives and make some collaborative collage at the same time. What does the future hold for the krewe? Bring a dish and be a part of the conversation! RSVP by sending an email or DMing the group on Instagram.


Community Collage Quilt

13 May 2022, 4-7PM EDT | Da Vinci Art Alliance | 704 Catherine Street. Philadelphia CollageWorks will be hosting a World Collage Day event, called Community Collage Quilt, as the main attraction for Craft Lab, which is a monthly opportunity for the community of South Philadelphia to participate in various learning and sharing experiences held at Da Vinci Art Alliance, a non-profit organization that fosters an artist membership and provides free exhibitions and programming. (COVID Guidelines: Masks are required to be worn in the building by all staff and visitors.) PCW will be working with adults and children in creating their very own Collage Quilt Square using 5"x 5" precut pieces of Bristol board substrates. Assorted materials will be provided including magazine clippings, ribbons, buttons and other various ephemera for participants to use in creating their own collage. These collage squares will then be attached using colorful map pins to 20"x30" sheets of foam board to form the Community Collage Quilt. These boards will hold a total of 24 collage squares and will be hung on the gallery walls for visitors to view. MORE


World Collage Day Meet Up

14 May 2022, 11AM-2PM PDT | True North Studios | 455 NE 71st Avenue. A Celebration of Community and Collage. Join Hope Amico and the PNW Collage Collective for a cut and paste meet-up to celebrate World Collage Day to benefit the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Use some of their supplies or bring your own. Stop by for a few minutes or spend three hours with them. They will have goodie bags to give away so bring your friends. Follow @pnwcollagecollective and @hopeamico for updates and more collage fun! MORE


Coastal Bend Collage

14 May 2022, 4-7PM CDT | The Gallery at Anita Diebel Studio | 111 North Austin Street. Join Local Glue at the Gallery at Anita Diebel Studio in Rockport this World Collage Day and contribute to a crowd-sourced collage! All materials will be provided for you to select, cut and paste your contribution to this collaborative collage art. Afterwards, Anita Diebel and Kelly Schaub will add some finishing touches to the collage and post photos for all to enjoy. Additionally, 17 local artists have been selected for a very special World Collage Day exhibit. Open to Coastal Bend artists, all collages in the exhibit were created on 10”x10” wood panels and will each sell for $100. Artists in the exhibit come from Rockport, Corpus Christi, and Tivoli. You can contribute to the Community Collage on World Collage Day, Saturday, May 14, 2022, and attend the opening reception for the Coastal Bend Collage exhibit from 4pm to 7pm as part of Rockport’s Art Loop. Other activities for World Collage Day in Rockport: Rockport Center for the Arts asked member artists to submit collages for this month’s members gallery. Rockport Center for the Arts will also host a collage activity on May 14 for their weekly Free Family Saturday. The Coastal Bend Collage exhibit will be up through June 10, 2022. Various local artists will present collage demonstrations throughout the month of the exhibit, and make-your-own-collage kits will be available, too. MORE


World Collage Day Art Workshop with John Arbuckle

14 May 2022, 10-11:30AM PDT | Everett Public Library | Online. Join John Arbuckle for a live online workshop to make your own collage artist trading cards and/or artist playing cards. Everyone loves getting snail mail. In this workshop you will learn how to create original 2.5”x3.5” sized trading cards to send to friends as a piece of mailable art using recycled materials and your creativity. A limited number of free supplies kits will be available for pickup from the Everett Public Library. Sign-up for a kit beginning on April 16. You do not need a kit to join the program! Supplies needed to follow along are: 2.5”x3.5” thick paper, magazines, scissors, glue stick, pencil, and watercolors or any other paint such as acrylic. MORE


World Collage Day Party at the Tennessee Valley Museum of Art

14 May 2022, 11AM-1PM CDT | Tennessee Valley Museum of Art | 511 North Water Street. Celebrate World Collage Day by joining Tuscumbia collage artist Taryn Chase Jackson for a collage-making party! Materials (paper, magazines, scissors, and glue sticks) will be provided, but you’re encouraged to bring your own as well, such as old books, magazines, cards, scrap paper, ticket stubs and other ephemera. Drop in anytime for some casual creativity. No experience is necessary! Taryn will help you get started, provide tips, and have examples on hand for inspiration. Admission to the museum is $5 for adults, $3 for students, and free for TVAA members. Youth are welcome, but an adult should accompany kids under 13. Come out to explore this accessible art form and post photos of your creations with the hashtag #WorldCollageDayTVMA. MORE


World Collage Day at Atelier 8.18

14 May-18 June 2022 | Atelier 8.18 | 8 East 18th Avenue | Opening World Collage Day, 6-9PM. Atelier 8.18 and curators Emma Lehto and Kyla Bourgh are hosting a group exhibition opening on May 14, 2022. Exhibiting artists include Kyla Bourgh, Isabelle Grue Lee, Susan Jessop, Hugh Kearny, Emma Lehto, Nicole Rehill and Heidi Sidhu. “The Sketchbook is the Studio” Installation by Heidi Sidhu will also be on view. BYOC (Bring Your Own Collage), a live event hosted by Sidhu taking place on Sunday, May 15th 3-5pm, encourages you to bring your own collage materials to the community outdoor space to make artwork among others. There will be collage grab bags available for participants, but not to bring items for people to leave please or take a few home for free. Considering health restrictions, this will be held outside in a semi-public area. Participants can visit the Atelier exhibition at a max of 5 people or personal bubble up to 8, masks recommended. MORE



World Collage Day Celebration with IS183 Art School of the Berkshires

14 May 2022, 9:30AM-8:15PM EDT | Online and at IS183 Art School of the Berkshires | 13 Willard Hill Road. IS183 Art School and Berkshire artists are offering collage classes and inspiration throughout the day both virtually and in-person! Workshops include "What the World Needs Now" with Karen Arp-Sandel; "Collage a Box, Any Box!" with Diane Firtell; "Exquisite Corpse" with Lucie Castaldo; "Freestyle Collage & Image Transfer Elements" with Karen Arp-Sandel; "Collaged Cereal Box Bookmaking" with Caissa Hadash; "Intuitive Collage" with Darlene Sardinsky; an artist talk with Melanie Mowinski, "Body Double: The Figure in Collage"; and Collage Club with Prompt by Melanie Mowinski Hosted by The 97 Collage Project. IS183's 2022 Collage Marathon Exhibit is on view all day and virtually in the Gallery Shop. Sign up for one or all of the classes in their World Collage Day series on their website. MORE


Collage Artists of America: Behind the Artist

14 May 2022, 11AM-1PM PDT | Zoom
Collage Artists of America (CAA) will celebrate this special day with an event to connect and inspire artists. This online Zoom event will be a show-and-tell style discussion and attendees will hear directly from collage artists around the United States and abroad. Each artist will have two minutes to discuss their work, so everyone who joins will leave with many new ideas! Presentations are open to all. Please register through the form to secure your space in the audience. For those who want to present, please use the same form to submit your artwork. Registration is first come, first served, with a final deadline of May 12th. Email lrechner@lion.lmu.edu with any questions. MORE


Collage-Making Playshop at the Sedona Public Library

14 May 2022, 1-2:30PM MDT | Sedona Public Library | 3250 White Bear Road. Come play with collage at the Sedona Public Library. They’ll provide all the materials to make one or more collages from magazine imagery and special papers. All you’ll need is a willingness to get messy with paste and paper and, of course, have some fun. Drop in anytime. (Participants may bring favorite text or images to play with, too.) This is a free event for families and kids of all ages. MORE


Todo y Nada

14 May 2022, 1-3PM EDT | Vayo Collage Gallery | 26 Vayo Street
Come celebrate the 5th annual World Collage Day with Vayo Collage Gallery! Enjoy pizza and snacks on the grounds, then head into the gallery to be among the first to see the show. A custom deck of collage art playing cards will be available for purchase, and members of Rochester Community Collage will be in attendance. Don't miss this! The exhibition opening is sure to be a lively event. No appointments needed. Admission is free. All are welcome. Masks required. MORE


Send-a-Smile Mail Art Exhibition

14 May 2022, 2PM-4PM ADT | McConnell Library | 50 Falmouth Street. 'Send-A-Smile Mail Art' is an exhibition of postcard sized analog collage (paper only) intended to be mailed to someone special. The exhibition runs 14-21 May. Not too long ago, people sent 'snail' mail, enjoyed penpals, and liked to express gratitude and appreciation to others. It was both common courtesy and fulfilled the need for human acknowledgment. In a day and age when a sense of community/family is often missing, giving and receiving small tokens of appreciation means a lot. It expresses support, kindness, and a tactile connection. The artist, Cheryl MacDonald, will be there for the opening. If you are in the area, swing by and have a chat! MORE


World Collage Day with @thecollageclub

14 May 2022 | Zoom. Join @thecollageclub on May 14th in multiple time zones around the globe for community, collaboration, and collage. A time to sit back, grab a good beverage, hang out, and cut and paste with folks around the world on Zoom. Register between four workshops led by different artists. Spots are limited, so please only select time(s) that you are able to make. If there is too much interest, there may be a need to limit everyone to one workshop. Bring your scissors, bring your glue. MORE


Findings: Street & Trail - with Nashville Collage Collective

14 May 2022 and Ongoing | throughout Nashville. In the Spring weeks leading up to World Collage Day, the Nashville Collage Collective is inviting you to walk outdoors and scour city streets and natural trails for stuff - gum wrappers, pieces of rusty metal, labels, cardboard, junk mail, bits of plastic, glass, weathered posters - to incorporate, with other materials into new collage works. In stride with the mission of the Turnip Green Creative Reuse, they are encouraging all collagists to create work using things that would otherwise litter your streets and parks or end up in the landfill as trash. And just as importantly, to have an excuse to be outdoors and off-screen in this beautiful season. So fulfill your acquisitive, pack-rat, collage-making leanings and go find materials to use, share with other folks collectively, and make something! Post what you find and create along with where you live, any time between now and the end of the day on May 14th, using the hashtags #nashvillecollagecollective and #worldcollageday. MORE


Brown Papier Bag Collage Workshop

14 May 2022, early evening CDT | The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art | 2334 Gulf Terminal Drive. Brown Papier Bag Collage was created by Houston artists Anastasia “Stacy” Kirages and Chasity Porter in 2021 as a way to engage and educate the community about collage and World Collage Day. This year they will be partnering with The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art to host a Brown Papier Bag Collage Workshop on Saturday, May 14 in the early evening. Supplies will be provided: scissors, glue sticks, paper ephemera, and brown paper bags. Coinciding with the workshop will be the release of the Brown Papier Bag Collage Zine featuring a select group of 10 regional collage artists who participated in the project in 2021. Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to be included in next year's zine. For out of town folks, if you would like to join in, grab a paper bag to make a collage of your own, and use the official hashtag #bpbcollage to share! MORE


The Veiled Body: Collage Exhibition & WCD Collage Workshop

On World Collage Day, Teresa Cribelli, a collage artist and associate professor of history at the University of Alabama, will teach a collage class from 10AM-4PM. Students will be guided through different analog collage techniques utilizing vintage paper, second-hand books, magazines, and ephemera. Glue, scissors, and collage materials will be supplied. For more information and to sign up, visit the gallery’s website. At the same time, an exhibition of collage by Cribelli will be on view at the gallery, with work specializing in a visual style that explores history, gender, balance, and restoration. The show closes Saturday, May 21, 2022 and can be seen during regular gallery hours on Saturdays, 11AM-4PM. Masks are required. MORE


Art Made from Money (Made from Art)

14 May 2022, 10AM-4PM EDT | Lancaster Museum of Art | 135 North Lime Street. Lancaster-based artist Mark Wagner shares his thought-provoking and satirical artwork made entirely from deconstructed U.S. dollars to explore the intersection of wealth, power, value, and American identity. This special exhibition features over 20 meticulously constructed pieces and takes a special look into the artist's creative process. This exhibition is all-ages and open to the public. MORE


World Collage Day at the Lancaster Museum of Art

14 May 2022, 11AM-1PM EDT | Lancaster Museum of Art | 135 North Lime Street. Create a unique project with collage to celebrate World Collage Day at the Lancaster Museum of Art in downtown Lancaster, PA! $5 suggested donation. Event will be held on the museum's back portico. Feel free to pop in! RSVP requested, but not required. Registration available on their website. This event is all-ages and open to the public. MORE


Look Around

14 May 2022, Opening Reception 6PM-9PM | Coups de Pinceaux Coups de Ciseaux Gallery | 4603 boulevard Saint-Laurent. The “Look Around” open call by Québec Collage asked professional and beginner collagists from all over the world to create a collage concentrated inside the space of a circle or exploring the notions of fullness and emptiness. Following this open call, submissions will figure in a virtual collage exhibition starting on 14 May on Québec Collage’s website. Among these, a selection of works by Québec residents and by participants of a cultural mediation workshop will be presented in a physical exhibition from 4-22 May 2022, at the Coups de Pinceaux Coups de Ciseaux Gallery. The artworks of 7 artists from the Québec Collage community will also appear on the walls of the vast gallery. Carefully chosen by the curator, these talented members of the Québec Collage community show the visual diversity of collage art. Featured artists include Normand Brodeur, Éric Champagne, Méli Hoffmann, Martyne Langis, Émilie Léger, Virginie Maltais, and Janna Yotte. MORE


​CUTTING EDGE Collage-a-Rama Exhibition Artist Talk on-line via Zoom

14 May 2022, 11AM PDT | Arc Gallery, online via Zoom | 1246 Folsom Street
Celebrate the art of collage with San Francisco artists during the "CUTTING EDGE" World Collage Day Artist Talk in conjunction with the ​"CUTTING EDGE" Collage-a-Rama Exhibition ​in the Project Gallery at Arc. All of the work was made during collage-making sessions at Arc Gallery. Featured artists include Carrington Arredondo, Glenn Bachmann, Johnny Botts, Dianne Hoffman, Priscilla Otani, Barbara Pollak-Lewis, Steve Sweetser, Stephen C. Wagner, and Tanya Wilkinson. The exhibition runs 9 April-7 May 2022 with an opening reception Saturday, 9 April, 7-9PM. Register in advance for the Artist Talk on Zoom. MORE


World Collage Day at ShoreLake Arts Gallery

14 May 2022, Noon-3PM PDT | Shorelake Arts Gallery | 17171 Bothell Way NE. Bring your scissors and join Andrea Lewicki, The Sewing Collage Artist, for a collaborative collage party celebrating World Collage Day! Together we will collage flowers that will later be sewn together to create a community garden mural. Glue sticks and paper will be available as long as supplies last. You are welcome to bring a magazine or collage materials to share. Lewicki will provide examples and templates. No previous collage experience is needed to participate in this free event! MORE

Image: Erdem Taşdelen, A Minaret for the General's Wife. Installation view at Mercer Union, Toronto, 2020. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Toni Hafkenscheid.


Collage Party at Richmond Art Gallery

14 May 2022, 1-4PM PDT | Richmond Art Gallery | 7700 Minoru Gate #180. Richmond Art Gallery is hosting a Collage Party to get together with friends and make some art! Inspired by the Erdem Taşdelen exhibition on display, “A Minaret for the General's Wife”, the focus will be on architectural and archival imagery to make unique collage works. See samples and demonstrations by gallery staff on how to use cut and ripped posters, photographs, decorative papers and magazines to develop new artworks. Work on solo or collaborative collage pieces, or take a break for a quick casual tour of the exhibition.The programs staff will open their vast collection of cool collage materials to lead a hands-on collage-making party for adults. All collage materials and tools are provided to make a collage postcard, artist trading card, or larger artwork. Artists are welcome to bring their own specialty collage scissors and glue. Open to creatives of all skill levels. Registration required due to limited seating. Free admission for ages 16+. MORE


Workshop: Found Objects, Collage, & Assemblage with Lance Rothstein

14 May 2022, 1-3:30PM EDT | Morean Arts Center | 719 Central Avenue
After more than a dozen years of making street art out of street trash, Instructor Lance Rothstein, AKA @fanclub.13, will guide this special workshop to commemorate World Collage Day. A quick half-hour introduction and discussion of the practice will be followed by a half-hour scavenger hunt around the few blocks surrounding the Morean Arts Center to gather some materials. These found items, along with a basket full of fun scraps brought by the artist, will be transformed by the participants into intricate works of art celebrating the long tradition of collage artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Hannah Höch, and Ray Johnson. Participants are encouraged to bring their own scraps if they feel like gathering some beforehand, and also to bring their preferred collaging tools such as scissors, pen knife, cutting mat, etc, if they have them, but all supplies will be provided for everyone. Finished artworks will be shared on social media using the hashtag #WorldCollageDay2022 and they will also view work being made around the world in conjunction with the event. MORE


Exquisite Community

13-15 May 2022 | New Zone Gallery | 110 E 11th Avenue. MJ Connors Davison and Jenny Siegel invite all to celebrate their 2nd year as a co-operative group project based on the Surrealists’ party game of “The Exquisite Corpse” or “Cadavre Exquis”. As artists of the Pacific Northwest, they’ve changed the 100 year-old game’s title to “Exquisite Community” seeking to reflect where they are now, as a living collective force of community members. Teams of artists each work on a section of a body, concealing their contribution, then passing it on to the next participant. Each body travels in its progression, primarily through the mail, created in individual studios, with some artists creating among others in person. The surprising reveal of each “Exquisite Community” member happens only after each body is fully completed. Davison and Siegel will receive all finished “Members” and exhibit both this year’s and 2021’s at New Zone Gallery in Eugene, OR. They will be available for sale during a weekend of viewing. Davison, Siegel, and New Zone will host social media coverage of the event. Please see the gallery’s website for details, including artist reception hours. MORE


San Antonio World Collage Day

Celebration & Artist Trading Card Swap. 3:30-5:30 CDT | Spare Parts Center for Creative Reuse | 13491 Wetmore Road. In celebration of World Collage Day, Spare Parts Center for Creative Reuse and Adrian Membrez will host an Artist Trading Card (ATC) and collage art-making celebration. Bring your own supplies or buy them cheap at Spare Parts to make these miniature works of art for trade. There is no entry fee and the event is for all ages and mediums. We'll have tables for you to work on and the store will remain open for you to shop. MORE



Liz Ruest World Collage Day Open Studio

14 May 2022, 10AM-4PM PDT | Bazaz Studios | 4604 14th Avenue NW
It’s time to open the studio doors and let in some fresh air. As part of a larger, open studio event with her studio mates, Liz Ruest will be celebrating World Collage Day. Ruest will have collage supplies and tools out to try, and artist trading cards (ATCs) to swap. She’ll also have plenty of analog collage sketches as examples, books to refer to, and small collage kits ready to go. If you want to participate from afar, Ruest will be happy to mail collage sketches or kits. More information available on her website. MORE

Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


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Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


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Image: Collage from “Glitter Highways” series by World Collage Day 2022 Poster Artist Erin McCluskey Wheeler. MORE


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