NOTE: This is a World Collage Day History Page we are preserving as a document of the past. To see the current World Collage Day website, CLICK HERE






World Collage Day at La Casa Verde

La Casa Verde
Carrera 59, 64-90
Barranquilla 080002, Colombia
La Casa Verde is excited to celebrate World Collage Day with an open house and collage jam. Join them for a collaborative collage making workshop session, 4-6PM, led by La Casa Verde Co-Directors Emma Anna and Fernando García Vásquez. Starting at 6PM, they will host the inaugural meeting of the Colombian Collage Collective Barranquilla Chapter. Local artists are invited to join as members of this group, which will meet once a month at La Casa Verde from May onwards. Part of their activities on World Collage Day will be to shape the creative manifesto for CCCB, elect the management committee, and to craft collage portraits of the group's founding members. This free event is for local artists and the general public.


Cortar y pegar

Morelia 76, Roma Norte
06700 Mexico City, Mexico
We love collage, and just can't help being part of this party! A group of artists are opening a space in collaboration with RED ART, to share and enjoy a pleasant evening with people passionate about textures and colour. You are free to bring your material, beverages and snacks, and work in the studio. Also you can bring your book to show and share experiences and creations with colleagues. This event is intended for adults and space is limited. Please email (lulakiki@gmail.com) to sign up. MORE


Collage Art Celebration

4-7PM at Piña Creative Studio
Mariano Moreno 369 2G, X5000MRG Cordoba, Argentina
Celebrate World Collage Day in a relaxed atmosphere dedicated to collage art in South America. Let's talk about the essence of this practice and its importance on the development of contemporary art, while being inspired by key examples of collage. Attendees will create their own pieces and share tips and tricks. Hosted by Eva Semino. This event is for adults. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required, send an email

Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem
celebrates World Collage Day in Brazil


Sala de Artes
Rua Dom Rosalvo, 85
Vila Madalena
05442-030 Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil


Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira
Rua da Carioca, 85
20050-008 Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil

Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem is planning a series of activities across Brazil. On World Collage Day 2019, they are organizing a Collage Battle, collabs and another experiences with glue, paper and scissors. Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem is a collective of analog collage fans. Magazines, newspapers, books and other media are our raw materials. Putting things together, pasting and creating with the images they collect is the passion of their more than 60 collagists spread throughout the country.


Looking for an event in Asia?
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Film Poster Workshop and Cut Out Poetry of Cut Out Thoughts

5-6:30PM and 6:30-8PM
Layer House
Tomšičeva ulica 32
4000 Kranj, Slovenia
Layer House presents two workshops as a pre-event for the KAOS Festival of Contemporary Collage, 26 June-13 August 2019. The Film Poster Workshop creates film posters to honour the 100th anniversary of the birth of Slovenian film maker, France Štiglic, and the 90th anniversary of the birth of Slovenian director Boštjan Hladnik. Invited artists will design nine interpretations of posters from Štiglic's films. The original posters and reinterpretations will be in the gallery at the front of Layer House and at Galerija Na mestu in front of the Kranj City Library. In the workshop Cut Out Poetry of Cut Out Thoughts, participants will take collage and poetry on a journey. They will transfer the way of creating collages to poetry and, from images that they will find, try to experiment with creation of their thoughts and feelings. Participants will cut out words, mix them, create fresh connections and decode new world of cut out poetry. These events are intended for adults.


Pok(OL)aż siebie!

Miejska Biblioteka Publiczna w Żorach
os. Pawlikowskiego PU-13
44-240 Zory, Poland
Celebrate World Collage Day at the Municipal Public Library in Żory! Participants will have the chance to get to know and experiment freely with the collage technique. The workshop will be preceded by a short lecture on the history of collage as well as the presentation of selected works by contemporary artists. Participants will then have a chance to develop and present their own works. The organizers believe that every human being has an innate capacity for creative expression, regardless of age, education or gender and want to provide a space for self-exploration through the art of collage. The goal is not to create works of specific artistic or aesthetic value, ​​but rather to stimulate the process of introspection. The event is free and intended for adults, but registration is required. To register, send an EMAIL.



Saturday, May 11, 1-6PM
Magnus Barfots gate 25, 5015 Bergen, Norway
"Upheaval" is a two-part event that both highlights collage as a professional art form and, at the same time, shows that collage is something everyone can do and express themselves through. Friday, Friday, May 10, 7-11PM, is the opening of the "Upheaval" exhibition. (details here) A workshop on World Collage Day will focus on collage's important place in art history and draw the lines from the great masters such as Kurt Schwitters and Juan Miro to contemporary collage artists. Local inspiration will be drawn from the work of Egil Røed (1932-2017) and others. Participants will be presented with inspirational examples from art history. Some of the professional artists from the exhibition will participate as instructors in the workshop and share their expertise. Participants will be able to make a risoprint of their finished collage. There is a fee of Kr 100 to participate in the workshop. Tools and books will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own. The exhibition and workshop are open to all ages. Children should be accompanied by adults.


Blijven Plakken at the Verbeke Foundation

Verbeke Foundation
9190 Kemzeke, Belgium
Dutch collage artist Juliette Pestel hosts a monthly collage social called Blijven Plakken ("sticking around") in her studio in The Hague. The May edition of Blijven Plakken will be on World Collage Day at the wonderful Verbeke Foundation in Belgium, during the exhibition opening of the amazing World Collage Atlas project by Coupee Collage Collective. Several members of Blijven Plakken have work in the exhibition. Bring your glue stick and scissors with you, as well as one magazine. Juliette will provide atlases and maps and other collage material. We'll see you in the foundation's restaurant, right by the entrance. This event is for everybody. As long as there is a free chair, you are welcome to join in.


World Collage Atlas Opening Event

Verbeke Foundation
9190 Kemzeke, Belgium
World Collage Day is the perfect moment to map the limitless diversity and beauty of worldwide contemporary analog collage in a unique World Collage Atlas. To do this, we started a project from an original antique World Atlas ‘Patria’, published just before World War II in 1939 by ‘De Dag’ (Dutch for ‘The Day’) in Antwerp, Belgium. A thick, beautiful, big sized (A3) book, with 366 pages of coloured maps and black and white pictures. 80 years later, the world has changed in many ways, new borders were drawn, new countries are born.

183 artists from all over the world submitted their collage interpretation of two original pages of this atlas. The result is a new world collage atlas, filled with a diverse variety of art works, creating an exciting new planet. All these 366 works will be presented at the Verbeke Foundation on World Collage Day. The works will be up until May 19, 2019.


World Collage Day at LOFT

VivaLand Mall
147 Kirov Avenue
Samara 443077, Russia
The Samara Collage Workshop community is happy to join the celebration of World Collage Day 2019 and invites everyone to the LOFT art space to celebrate with them! The founder of the Workshop, Irina Sevostyanova, will present the workshop, “Poetry of Collage”, where guests can create a masterpiece using vintage magazines, paper clippings and coloured tape. The finished collages can be put up at the workshop on the Glitch-reality scan. It will also be possible to take part in the creation of the book, The History of the 20th Century Collage Artists. This book will be sent to the exhibition, "Achievements of the Collage Industry", part of the first Russian collage festival, taking place in Moscow, 4 July-4 August 2019. Workshop participants will enjoy live music by One-legged Cat. There is a 100-ruble entrance fee. Tea and cookies will be provided. This event is intended for adults.


World Collage Day at Carrasco Art Gallery

Carrasco Art Gallery
Beco do Carrasco, 12
1200-096 Lisbon, Portugal
On World Collage Day, gallery artist Miguel Santos Teixeira will create a unique work dedicated to World Collage Day. Using images of work by other gallery artists, Santos Teixeira will cut and then join together different genres: figurative painting, abstract painting and photography. On view in the gallery on World Collage Day is Portuguese artist João Cardoso (Cardoz)'s exhibition, "Creatures". Cardoz creates collages made mainly with images from Vida Mundial magazines from 1967-1969. Using these collages as a base, he creates his "creatures", which he gives life to with acrylic paint, Posca pen, and white glue. The creatures show a vision of today's society. This event is open to all artists and the general public who wish to celebrate the sharing of ideas, cooperation and the stimulation of creativity.


Collage Storytelling

Museu do Hospital e das Caldas
R. Rodrigo Berquo 2A
2500-176 Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
Collage artist Jorge Carvalho opens his solo exhibition, “Construir o Céu” (The Construction of Heaven)", and, in conjunction, leads Collage Storytelling. Carvalho's exhibition is the result of his residency at the museum, in which he searched for and researched the 16th century renaissance hospital hidden behind the walls of the current structure. The obvious way for such a quest was...collage. And storytelling was the glue. This event is open to everyone over 16 with interests in storytelling, collage and and collage methods Or for those just wanting to try out some scissors.



The Crown Hotel
High Street
Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 6RT, Wales
Karen Harvey, with the group Heli Writers & Artists, presents a fun introduction to the art of collage. No art experience necessary. Materials provided, a small donation toward them appreciated. Hot and cold refreshments may be purchased from the bar. The event is taking place at The Crown Hotel, which is providing the space to encourage community. Everyone is welcome, but children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


World Collage Day at The Fish Factory

The Fish Factory
Commercial Road
Penryn, Cornwall TR10 8AG, United Kingdom
Join us for a drop-in, informal collage workshop with the chance to meet local collage artists and get stuck into Cut & Paste. Chocolate cake and Scissors provided. This event is for your nan, your pet gerbil and the kitchen sink, all abilities welcome.


Defaced #2 Zine Launch and Collage Workshop

Wivenhoe PrintWorks
23/24 Wivenhoe Business Centre
Brook Street
Wivenhoe, Essex CO7 9DP, United Kingdom
Stop by for the launch of the zine Defaced #2 (A World Collage Day special edition) and drop-in collage workshop. Olivia Browne and Sylwia Kramarz will share some of their analog collage techniques in the relaxed environment of Wivenhoe Printworks. Defaced #2 features a diversity of collage artists from 16 countries. This event is intended for adults.


Nu Levels

PYRart Gallery
4a Goldstone Street
Hove, East Sussex BN3 3RJ, United Kingdom
Adam Glover presents an exhibition of Nusensist collages created over the last nine months. Meet the artist and learn about his unique development in the medium and his aims to push the boundaries of his techniques into virtual reality collaborative collages. View a variety of works traversing many differing topics and deeper meanings and share in the bounty of universal history and our interconnection with everything through the work. A unique 3D collage construct, which took nearly five months to construct, will be on display for the first time. Original unique art works, limited prints, mugs and T-shirts will be available for purchase. Free Nusensist and PYRart Galley stickers. Free lovely cup of tea on request.


Dopo Esservi Commossi/Dovreste Allarmarvi

All Day
via Paolo Gili, 4, pad. 10 e 11
90138 Palermo, Italy
(After you feel moved/You should be alarmed) For World Collage Day, street collage artist Demetrio Di Grado creates a large-format collage made entirely on the facade of Cre.Zi.Plus' restaurant. This collage represents the beginning of the project, "Dopo Esservi Commossi/Dovreste Allarmarvi". Francesco Piazza says about Di Grado's project: "The title of the project contains the idea of inevitable social change and a challenge to the conventions that marks the transition to a language linked to the contradictions of a society in perpetual change."


Collage as Prayer

Náprstkova 9
Prague 1, Czech Republic
Celebrate World Collage Day at Donuterie in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe! The organizers are preparing a special handmade collage workshop focusing on a floral motif poster. In this workshop, the participants will create a garment decoration of the Virgin Mary with Jesus, inspired by vintage devotional images. Participants will also decorate the background and the written prayer. The workshop is presented by Kosmo Nauty, a Czech artist based in Prague who has a passion for hand-cut collage and textile objects. No botanic experience is necessary! The event is open to all who can cut and paste!


Workshop & Exhibition at The Museum of the City of Prague and Gallery Bar/ak

Sunday, May 12 & Saturday, June 1
Workshops: The Museum of the City of Prague
Na Poříčí 52/1554
Exhibition: Gallery Bar/ak
Za Poříčskou branou 7
Prague 1, Czech Republic
Czech Collage is a group of visual artists with a passion for handmade paper collage. To celebrate World Collage Day, come for a creative workshops at the Museum of the City of Prague on Sunday, May 12 (10AM-6PM) and Saturday, June 1st (10AM-6PM). From May 12 to June 12, 2019, visit Gallery Bar/ak for an exhibition of a cross-section of work from many Czech collagists and watch out for an announcement of a meeting of collagists during the exhibition. The events are planned by Jitka Kopejtkova from Czech Collage and Helena Cubova from Gallery Bar/ak.


Collage Workshop

The Framers
The Custard Factory
Gibb Street, Digbeth
Birmingham B9 4AA, England, United Kingdom
Birmingham Collage Collective is running a collage workshop to coincide with World Collage Day 2019, as well as hosting the closing event for their first group show, "CLIPS". There will be several of the collective in attendance to talk about their practice and themes. All equipment provided. The event is open to everybody and attendees are free to bring anything with them that they wish to use (stationery/books).


The Collage Mass with Masks

Art-Cluster Horse
Liflyandskaya Street, 3
St. Petersburg 190020, Russia
The members of the Free Collage Artists Club and their guests join together for a new collage-performative action. They will make different kinds of masks using collage techniques: traditional masks, DADA masks, funny, scary masks of all kinds. Each mask will tell others its story and find its place in a spontaneous pop-up exhibition in the old factory, now occupied by artists. The action will finish with some food and drinks (everyone is welcome to bring something and to share (or not) with others). The event is open to all and organised by Free Collage Artists Club (Nina Freiman, Zoya Gutnik, Irina Mashina).


The Listener

Three Colt Gallery
82 Three Colt Street, Poplar
London E14 8AP, United Kingdom
Catherine Watson and Sebastian Thomas will host a free, drop-in Collage Club from Noon to 4PM. No booking required, all materials supplied. The event coincides with their exhibition, "The Listener", which shows new collage-based work by long time collaborators Watson and Thomas. The pieces on view are a combination of cut paper, drawing and printmaking and employ deconstructed imagery and abstracted form as a means with which to create narrative. The resulting images are evocative of an alternative landscape, one inhabited by meandering bodies, dismounted gizmos and the apparition of nature. The Gallery is open Noon to 5:30PM.


World Collage Day 2019 at artKRAFT

artKRAFT Industrial Design
Budafoki Street 70
Budapest 1111, Hungary
Budapest celebrates World Collage Day with two exciting workshops by "cut and paste" masters Susanna Lakner (based in Stuttgart) and Sári Szántó (based in Moscow). Participants will create unique portraits with Susanna from 10AM to 1PM, and design a zine focusing on birds with Sári from 2 to 5PM. Participants will use wood, paper, metal pieces, button, textiles and other interesting materials. This workshop is intended for adults 16 years of age and older, no experience necessary. There is a 15,000 Ft fee per workshop. Visit the event page to find out more and to reserve a space.


Thessaloniki Collage Club & Friends

Koumbi Coffee & Crafts Cafe
Peloponnisou 2
54631 Thessaloniki,Greece
For the second time (and this year with an extra table) we celebrate the World Collage day at Koumbi Coffee & Crafts cafe in the centre of Thessaloniki. We are excited that a few guest collagists from various corners of Europe are able to join us, collaborating, exchanging ideas and having a full fun weekend (!) of collaging. Due to limited space, the two tables are for our foreign guests and Thessaloniki Collage Club regulars. Of course anybody interested to learn about collage is most welcome and the cafe is open until 11PM in the evening; we will make a small exhibition on site of the collage work being made during the event for people to see the variety and techniques.


Collage Workshop

Les Coquelicots - Ecole maternelle et primaire bilingue de Bâle
Peter Merian-Strasse 47
4052 Basel, Switzerland
Celebrate the "World Collage Day" with an inspiring morning of collage making in Basel! A collage workshop with the Brazilian artist Ana Paula Barros at the new venue of the school Les Coquelicots. We will start with a brief history of this joyful and accessible technique and show some great artworks from different artists around the world, to gather inspiration and show how diverse the results can be. Then the participants will develop their own works and share a nice and creative experience. The event is free and intended for adults. To register, send an email.





Collaged Polaroids at Fresh Squeezed 3

Morean Arts Center and environs
719 Central Avenue
St. Petersburg, Florida 33765
Fanclub13 will be holding an exhibition of Polaroid pictures including many Collaged Polaroids as part of his show for the "Fresh Squeezed 3" exhibit at the Morean Arts Center, which runs from May 11 to June 28, 2019. He will also be leaving his Collaged "Picturecrossing" Polaroids as Street Art all around St. Petersburg, before and during the exhibition. "Picturecrossing" pictures can ONLY be found out in public and are never sold by the artist, so the only way to get one is to find it. At the exhibition, there will be an interactive map of where to look for left pictures, and a slideshow showing the hundreds of locations where they have been left all around the world, including notes from those who have found them. The event is family friendly.


Collage Postcard: Dream/Inspiration/Vision Quest

Loft 112
535 8th Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0L8
Dr. Irene Naested, visual artist, poet/author will lead a hands-on experiential collage postcard creation and prose/poem response to the visual image. No experience necessary and open to all ages. All supplies will be provided. Participants will cut, paste, and assemble paper ephemera of images and words found in magazines and newspapers (a journey through images and words).


Robot Fever: Making Robot Collages from Pictures of Cars

Jubilee Roasting Co.
1452 Kenton Street
Aurora, Colorado 80010
Visual artist Jeremy Grant will give a demo showing how he turns car advertisements into robot collages. Everyone will then be invited to make their own robot collages. A limited number of supplies (including collage materials) will be provided. You're encouraged to bring your own scissors, tape and glue sticks if you have them. Everyone is welcome, if children want to participate they should be able to use scissors.


Campbell River Art Gallery Collage Party

Campbell River Art Gallery
1235 Shoppers Row
Campbell River, British Columbia V9W 2C7
Join the Campbell River Art Gallery for an unforgettable night of collage, music, and snacks as they snip the night away for World Collage Day. Rosie Schinners, the World Collage Day 2019 Poster Artist, will be facilitating activities throughout the evening. She will be leading visitors into the realms of hybrid creatures and seasonal depictions. The party will take place in their lobby space, where the exhibition, "Collage sans colle: The broad reach of collage", is on view in the Satellite Gallery until May 23, 2019. Wear your best collage-themed outfit and enjoy their decorations and projections with fellow art enthusiasts. This event is open to all public. Children under 13 must be supervised by an adult. The space is wheelchair accessible.


Arts on Mayne Celebrates: A Collage Party!

Church House
360 Georgina Point Road
Mayne Island, British Columbia V0N 2J1
A Collage-Making Party to Help Celebrate World Collage Day! Bring old magazines, cards, photos, images, colourful paper and your scissors. The organizers will have stuff to share, too. There will also be an exploration of some Mail Art. A scanner will be available for digital mementos. This is an independent artist's initiative, with some financial support for the artist from the Southern Gulf Islands Arts Council--Arts on Mayne. Anyone who wishes may attend. Children under ten must be accompanied by an adult. A $2 donation is requested to help defray costs.


Day of Collage Making

Firefly Fine Art Supplies
155 Rainbow Road
Salt Spring Island, Britsh Columbia
Join artist Susan Huber on World Collage Day for a day of collage making. Susan Huber is a fine art photographer who uses collage as a way to express her innermost thoughts. This event is best suited for those aged 10 and up. There is a $10, which includes all supplies, including the use of the cyanotype process.


Workshop: World Collage Day with Ann Dunbar

516 Arts
516 Central Avenue
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102
On World Collage Day, attend a collage workshop led by Albuquerque artist Ann Dunbar, whose work is featured in 516 Arts' current exhibition, "In Our Own Backyard". Learn easy collage techniques that will allow you to create several finished collages with subjects of your choosing. You can incorporate drawings, writing, photographs and painting. Please bring any materials you would like to work with. The workshop is $5 for 516 Arts members and $10 for non-members. Registration is required, call (505) 242-1445 or send an email.


Collage Workshop with Jerome Bertrand

Centre Culturel du vieux Aylmer
120 rue Principale, Aylmer
Gatineau, QC J9H 3M3
The Conseil des Arts d'Aylmer invites you to celebrate World Collage Day with Montreal collagist Jerome Bertrand. The artist will give a short lecture on the history of collage from its beginning until now followed by a workshop with tips and tricks on creating your own collage. He will provide information on many resources to inspire you and help you with your process. He will also provide suggestions on where you can share your creations (e.g., social media groups and events, festivals, etc.) Here's a chance to take part in a global community of artists. There are no age limitations to this event, which is open to all types of artists.


Open House 2019

Kirkland Arts Center
620 Market Street
Kirkland, Washington 98033
Celebrate World Collage Day 2019 at Kirkland Arts Center as part of their Open House. There will be materials for collaging: stuff to cut up, paper, scissors, glue sticks, and inspiration. Be a part of a global day of collage. Fun guaranteed.


Community Art Making Event

826 New Orleans Writing Center
1750 St. Bernard Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
For World Collage Day 2019, The Mystic Krewe of Scissors & Glue is joining forces with Whole Village Art Therapy for a special, all ages, family friendly day of collage. Come join them for an afternoon of cutting, pasting, and conversation. They will have all the materials you'll need. Drop in anytime. Children are welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult.


Celebrate at Nellie's Notecards

Nellie's Notecards & Wilson's Whimsies
Suite 10A, 530 US 41 Bypass South
Venice, Florida 34285
Join Nellie’s Notecards & Raven Skye for a free Collage Day celebration and leave with a unique piece of art! No experience necessary! Bring your old pieces of scrap paper from unfinished paintings and drawings, photos, your favorite magazines, your crafting supplies, and anything else you want to incorporate into an 8” x 8” collage. Nellie’s and Raven Skye will provide: 8” x 8” sheets of watercolor stock, Modge Podge, brushes, magazines and newspapers, scissors, alphanumeric stencils, papers, and lots of other stuff you’ll need! This is an open studio and will be an all day event from 10am to 6pm. Award Winning Professional Collage Artist Raven Skye will be on hand to answer any questions, help you create, and learn about collage!


World Collage Day DC Workshop

Adams Morgan Community Center
at The Line Hotel
1770 Euclid Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
An open workshop for all ages, this event will be for professional artists and collage dabblers alike. We are inviting DC to come a learn more about collage as a way of celebrating World Collage Day. The event is the first of its kind here in DC!


Collage Makes the World Go 'Round!

Uncommon ART Gallery & Studios
178 1/2 North Main Street
Hudson, Ohio 44236
Uncommon ART Gallery & Studios hosts the make-n-take project “Collage Makes The World Go 'Round!” using discarded music CDs. The public is invited to drop in between 1 and 4PM to take part. All supplies will be provided, and guests will be able to take their finished creations home. Gretchen Bierbaum, President and Founder of the National Collage Society (NCS), will be present in spirit with a pre-recorded presentation, Discover Collage, that introduces NCS and includes artwork by Bierbaum and 28 other artists. This event is for children and adults. Note:
The gallery is on the 2nd floor, accessible only by stairs.


World Collage Day Celebrates Downtown Grand Junction

Kiln Coffee Co.
326 Main Street
Grand Junction, Colorado 81501
Come help members of the Rocky Mountain Collage Society build a collage mural celebrating our charming downtown area and the spirit of creativity. All ages are welcome.


Second Saturday Open Studios

Winter Street Studios
Studio #A-8 at Sawyer Yards Arts District
2101 Winter Street
Houston, Texas 77004
During World Collage Day, meet and chat with upcycle artist Marsha Glickman, who uses only found, vintage ephemera to create original works of art, giving the otherwise discarded a new life in a meaningful work of art. Each work has a deep meaning or concept, some with hidden messages. Winter Street Studios was an old furniture factory scheduled for demolition that has become the home of 65 art studios for over 80 artists.


World Collage Day Making Party

on the back patio of the
Spanish Village Arts Center
1770 Village Place in Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101
Come down to Spanish Village Arts Center in Balboa Park for a free, all ages celebration of World Collage Day, where they will cut, paste and play, creating a works of collage art. Materials (paper, magazines, scissors, and glue) will be provided. Hang out in beautiful Spanish Village, make art, and post photos of your creations with #WorldCollageDay. In addition to individual pieces, you will have the opportunity to help create a communal work of collage to be hung in Spanish Village when it is finished. Hosted by Natasha Papousek of Poppyfish Studio in the turquoise tent on the patio. This event is open to anyone who is interested in having fun with collage, all ages and abilities.


Cut-Out and Collage Animation Workshop

Agitator Gallery
1112 North Ashland
Chicago, Illinois 60622
This workshop focuses on inexpensive and easy methods for creating your own collage-based animation. Channel your inner Terry Gilliam and explore the world of cut-out puppets, creating animated sequences, tips and tricks for moveable collages, and how to set up a portable mini-animation stand with your smartphone. Participants will have the opportunity to animate their artwork under the camera, and create movie files they can share with the world. The workshop is open to teens 15 and up and adults.


World Collage Day Meetup

Desert Art Center
550 North Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262
Join artist Bonnie Ruttan at a free drop-in World Collage Day gathering. No experience necessary! Just bring a sense of adventure. Materials provided. Cut, paste and enjoy the art of collage making! This event is intended for adults.

Read about Bonnie Ruttan in Kolaj #25!


Nashville Collage Collective

Turnip Green Creative Reuse
407 Houston Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
On World Collage Day, the Nashville Collage Collective celebrates its 8-year partnership with Turnip Green Creative Reuse by gathering in their unique donate-what-you-wish shop and collaging in their Open Studio. The Collective meets every 1-2 months to share (and add to) their accrued stash of materials, work on individual and collaborative pieces and investigate new techniques. During the event, visit and shop the new location, hear a talk on waste reduction, view the gallery exhibit, then sit down to collage. They invite anyone, professional artists or beginners, to join them for free. They will have materials to use and there is lots more to purchase in the reuse center for any donation of your choice!


Momentary & Timeless

San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles
520 South 1st Street
San Jose, CA 95113
The Museum's mission is "to promote and celebrate the art, creators, craft and history of quilts and textiles." The exhibition, Momentary & Timeless, invites you to join six Bay Area fiber artists as they explore various ideas through a combination of haiku and the art quilt. The museum is offering the public the opportunity to celebrate World Collage Day by creating a Mothers’ Day card.


Local Glue: A Community Collage Collaboration

Estelle Stair Gallery
406 South Austin Street
Rockport, TX 78382
The gallery invites the public to contribute to "Local Glue: a crowd-sourced collage!" All materials will be provided for you to select, cut and paste your contribution to this collaborative collage art. Afterwards, Lisa Baer Frederick and Kelly Schaub will add some finishing touches to the collage and post photos for all to enjoy. The celebration will continue on Saturday, May 18, 2019, from 5PM to 7PM as part of Rockport’s Art Loop. On view is the exhibition, "Abstract Musings: Mixed Media Collage", a solo collage show by Kelly Schaub, the gallery's guest artist from May 10-18, 2019.


World Collage Day at Honey at Alma Mater

Alma Mater Tacoma
1322 Fawcett Avenue
Tacoma, Washington 98402
Come play art with other people! There will be a few supplies provided (glue sticks, National Geographics, scissors). Bring your own paper stash for yourself or to share. Most importantly, bring your own sense of wonder and experiment. Be inspired, teach, learn, play! Just like in elementary school, but without eating the paste. Visit Alma Mater's website for more information on Honey, the cafe where the playing takes place. This event is open to everybody.


Art in the Park

Gamble Park
Gamble Avenue
Jasper, Alabama 35501
Heidi Young Batson is the only collage artist represented at this all day art market sponsored by the Walker County Arts Alliance. Stop by Heidi's booth, Happy Moon Studio, to meet the artist and buy some collage!


Connect Through Collage: World Collage Day 2019 with Twin Cities Collage Collective

Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404
On World Collage Day 2019, Twin Cities Collage Collective invites the community to come together and celebrate the diverse medium of collage! Join them for collage-making, community, and an exhibition of work by members of the Collective. Materials and light refreshments will be provided. Make and take your own collage, or bring your own project to work on. Browse collage work by the members of Twin Cities Collage Collective and connect through collage! This is a free event for all ages.


Garden Level Gallery

Garden Level Gallery
315 Third Street
Jersey City, NJ 07302
Celebrate World Collage Day with Garden Level Gallery as we honor our community of artists and the art of collage! Join us in the spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and creativity. Let’s show the world what it looks like when people come together as a community. Enjoy our World Collage Day Pop Up show, meet other local collage artists, and spend an afternoon making work together. Hosted by Theda Sandiford who writes, "Using conflict as a starting point, I allow the materials take over and construct a mask to protect myself. What may start off as an ugly statement, in the end becomes something beautiful."


World Collage Day at The GRID

The GRID at Bridge Valley Technical & Community College
807 2nd Avenue, Montgomery, West Virginia 25136
Come to the Art Space at the GRID for a enjoyable time of creating and sharing. All supplies will provided, but you are welcome to bring anything to help make your creation special. The event is free. Children over 10 are welcome when accompanied by an adult.



WhiteCap Coffee & Tea Shop
35509 South Highway 1
Anchor Bay, CA 95445
The Gualala Arts Center's "Collage Interest Group" will be celebrating World Collage Day by sponsoring an exhibit of collage images at one of our local coffee and tea shops, the "White Cap". All the works will be created by local artists of the Northern California coast and will be available for sale throughout the month of May, 2019. Our group meets twice a month and the goal of the group is to promote building a community of artists who enjoy exploring mixed media techniques for self-discovery and artistry. Our Collage Interest Group defines collage very broadly, including traditional paper collage, assemblage, montage, journaling, scrapbooking, book making, upcycling and digital collage.


Afternoon Cut-Up

Rose City Book Pub
1329 NE Fremont Street
Portland, Oregon 97212
Come down to the Book Pub for a free, all ages celebration of World Collage Day, where we will cut, paste and play with the recently reinvigorated medium of collage. Materials (paper, vintage magazines, scissors, and glue) will be provided. Have fun, have some food and drink, make art, and post photos of your creations with #WorldCollageDay. Hosted by Kevin Sampsell.



Uncharted Territories: Imagining new worlds through the "augmented collage spatial study"

Shattuck Hall, School of Architecture
Portland State University
Portland, Oregon 97207
In this World Collage Day workshop, collage-maker Clive Knights will introduce participants to the "augmented collage spatial study", a mode of creative practice that conjures new, imaginary, spatial worlds from found image fragments rich in material surface, light and shadow, perspectival depth, and human character. The workshop will use a roundtable process that rotates collages through seven collaborative stages whereby new extemporary additions are added to each work as they pass through the imagination and collage input of each participant. Therefore, each collage becomes the work of at least seven collaborators and aims to bring forth into visibility imaginary spaces, invented chambers, mysterious settings, inconceivable by a single collagist. It is a monochrome process so bring as many black-and-white photocopy images as possible plus both a black and a white dry pastel stick (Conte à Paris or similar). This event is for adults.


Visit the Gallery

Frank Juarez Gallery
207 East Buffalo Street, Suite 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Part of our gallery's mission is to educate the community about the works that we exhibit, promote, and create. Collage is an area that we are interested in and often times a bit difficult for others to understand due to the complexity of design, creative process, risks, and execution of such works. We would like to contribute to the world of collage to give the public a great appreciation of what goes into a work of art either through creation, discussion, and critiques.


World Collage Day Workshop

The InLiquid Gallery
Suite 108
1400 North American Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122
To celebrate the World Collage Day 2019, InLiquid presents a workshop where attendees will learn about the history of collage and create one (or a few) of their own, as several InLiquid Artist Members and area collage artists share their craft. Attendees are encouraged to bring materials they would like to use: magazines, old gift or credit cards, buttons, photos, anything they'd like to see brought to life. InLiquid will provide paper, scissors, glue and additional materials brought by InLiquid's artists.




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Rock, Paper, Scissors-Rock 'n' Roll Collage

Black Coffee Newtown
133 Riddiford Street, Newtown
Wellington 6021, New Zealand
An exhibition of rock 'n' roll themed collage by Melanie Drummond and Peter Campbell. Drummond produces hand-cut collages, while Campbell combines printmaking with mixed media collage. The show is a homage to music and its makers.


World Collage Day Workshop

Ovo Boteco
Shop 1a, 9-15 Bayswater Road
Potts Point, New South Wales 2011, Australia
What about sharing your feelings through art? Join us in this joyful and relaxed collage-making workshop where we will create and discuss collage art, tips & tricks. We will provide some supplies (glue sticks, magazines, scissors). Be prepared to experiment. Attendees are encouraged to bring materials they would like to use: magazines, books, greeting cards, photos, anything they'd like to see brought to life. Also, take the opportunity to see some artworks showcased in the venue from the artists Fabio Manzini and Murilo Manzini. This event is open to everybody and is free. Pre-registration is recommended. MORE


Cowper Collage Congregation Street Collage

Grafton Bridge
Kent Street
Grafton, New South Wales 2460, Australia
Cowper Collage Congregation is a newly formed collage group which developed out of a workshop run by Cowper Gallery owner Kerrie Bowles. The group will be creating a large scale collage on a pylon underneath Grafton Bridge where local street artists adorn the structure with fantastic artworks. The street collage has the theme of "The River" and is a dedication to the wonderful Clarence River that runs through our valley. The collage will be pasted up a week before World Collage Day ready for the community to view on May 11. This event is for everyone. Go and have a look and check it out!


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