Kolaj Magazine
Celebrates World
Collage Day

1PM to 4PM
Artisan Bar and Cafe
2514 St Claude Ave
New Orleans, LA 70117

Spend World Collage Day with 2018 Poster Artist Michael Pajon & Kolaj Magazine Editor Ric Kasini Kadour! Make a collage, meet collage artists, pick up a copy of the magazine. Free. (Please note, you must be 21+ to enter this venue.) WEBSITE


Kolaj Magazine Celebrates World Collage Day at Monastiraki

1PM to 4PM
Monastiraki - Le Petit Monastere
5478 St-Laurent Montreal, QC, H2T 1S1
(514) 278-4879

Founded in 1998, Monastiraki is a curiosity shop and art gallery located in the heart of the Mile End, Montreal. They have art prints, posters, small press, zines, vintage treasures and strange bits of ephemera you won't find anywhere else. Monastiraki's selection of paper ephemera makes it a must-visit place for collagists looking for interesting materials. The shop has been a dedicated stockist of Kolaj Magazine from the beginning and shop owner Billy Mavreas has been a contributor to the magazine. Kolaj Magazine Associate Editor Chris Byrne will be on hand and folks are welcome to stop in and make a collage, meet other collage artists, and peruse back issues and Collage Artist Trading Cards.



Collage Art Celebration

Choque Cultural Gallery
Rua Medeiros de Albuquerque, 250
Vila Madalena
05436-060 Sao Paulo, Brazil

A joyful and relaxed collage making event where we will create and discuss collage art, tips & tricks and references. Choque Cultural Gallery is a place dedicated to contemporary and urban art at the heart of São Paulo. The artist leading the celebration, Ana Persona, is a collage maker and lover. Learn more about her at anapersona.me. The tools will be scissors, paper, glue and creativity. This event is open to all ages


Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem Analógica

Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem Analógica is planning a series of workshops across Brazil. On World Collage Day 2018, they will offer a free collage workshop. Participants will be able to put their creativity into practice and, in short, know a little more about the fantastic universe of analogue collage.

Sociedade Brasileira de Colagem Analógica is a collective of analog collage fans. Magazines, newspapers, books and other media are our raw materials. Putting things together, pasting and creating with the images we collect is the passion of our more than 60 collagists spread throughout the country.


Centro de Arte Maria Teresa Vieira
Rua da Carioca, 85
20050-008 Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil


Estudio Arcano Zero
Avenida Senador Feijó, 686, sala 1735
11015-501 Santos (SP), Brazil


Centro Cultural Sao Paulo
Ground Floor, Sala de Vidro
Rua Vergueiro 1000
01504-000 Sao Paulo (SP), Brazil


Dia del Collage

Artificio Postal

We love collage, just can't help to be part of this party! We are opening a space in collaboration with RedArt, to share and enjoy a pleasant morning with people passionate about textures and colour. You are free to bring your material and work in the studio, also can bring your book to show and share experiences and creations with colleagues.

This event is intended for adults and space is limited. Please send an EMAIL to reserve a spot.


Experimental Collage Workshop

Distrito Diez
Av. Hipodromo, 15-E, Col. Hipodromo
22024 Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Cut and paste, assemble and disassemble. A journey through paper where everything is possible, where there are no limits and imagination is the protagonist. Experimenting through the assembling of different elements often leads us to universes where ingenuity and fantasy break the rules of visual logic by assigning a new perceptual discourse. In this experimental collage workshop, the participant will be able to play with all the elements that come up and be able to make their own compositions without limit. The workshop is free and open to those aged 15 and over. WEBSITE



Gwangju Art Class: World Collage Day

Gwangju International Center
5 Jungang-ro 196beon-gil
Chungjang-dong, Dong-gu,
Gwangju 60625, South Korea

May is collage month, people! Join us to cut up some magazines and make awesome collage art. We'll talk about things like emphasis and pattern and contrast, but mostly we'll just have fun with scissors and glue! All levels welcome. Materials provided. Cost ₩5,000. Bring your friends!

To find out more about Gwangju Art Class, visit their Facebook page.


Collage Power Portraits Workshop

Pineapple Lab
6053 R. Palma Street
Barangay Poblacion
Makati City, 1210
Metro Manila, Philippines

Join artist Kristina Corre to learn about her minimalist collage process and create your own portrait collages! For the Manila event in this worldwide celebration of collage, Kristina will be leading a hands-on collage workshop that will encourage participants to explore her elegant, minimalist approach to the art of collage. Learn more about the workshop and exhibition HERE.


Collage Morning

Herzliya Art Gallery & Artist's House
5 Ben Gurion Boulevard
46447 Herzliya, Israel

Join the Herzliya Artists Organization for a short lecture by artist Shlomo Shvartz about the beginnings of collage as an art form. Gallery artist Laurie Rosenberg will give a brief review of different techniques used in collage along with examples of current popular collage artists of today. Laurie will lead a workshop following the talk.


World Collage Day
at Cata Odata




SPARK Collage Day

44 High Street
Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales SA61 2DA United Kingdom

Collage connects our eyes, our minds, and the muscles in our hands. All you need is some found materials, glue, and a pair of scissors. Collage gets us thinking differently.

Come and try your hand at making pictures the collage way!

The event is free, but please call ahead to book your spot at 01437 768966.

Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


Edinburgh Collage Collective

10:30AM-12:30PM (Workshop for Children)
2-4PM (Workshop for Adults)
Edinburgh Central Library
George Washington Browne Room
7-9 George IV Bridge
Edinburgh EH1 1EG, Scotland

Inspired by the vinyl record, Edinburgh Creative Collage are hosting two collage workshops to run alongside their exhibition "VINYLISM 2018" on the library's mezzanine, 11-30 May 2018.

The morning workshop (10:30AM-12:30 PM) is for children and young adults from 8 to 15 years old.This is a creative, hands-on workshop for all abilities. No previous experience is needed, this workshop is for anyone. Please bring with you a collection of collage materials, such as, magazines, old vinyl records and covers, coloured papers and coloured pens. Scissors, glue and gluing utensils will be provided. Refreshments will be provided. This event is free, but pre-registration is required. Sign up HERE

The afternoon workshop (2-4PM0 is for adults aged 16 years and older. This is a creative, hands-on workshop for all abilities.No previous experience is needed, this workshop is for anyone. Please bring with you a collection of collage materials, such as, magazines, old vinyl records and covers, coloured papers and coloured pens. Scissors, glue and gluing utensils will be provided. Refreshments will be provided. This event is free, but pre-registration is required. Sign up HERE.


Collage for Girls and Beuys and Others

Red Triangle Factory/Andrey Kan's Workshop
Obvodny Canal Embankment, 134, housing 36
Saint Petersburg 190020, Russia

On the 12th of May, the world celebrates World Collage Day. The 12th would also be the 97th birthday of the late Joseph Beuys. On this day, Russian artists Peter Prinev and the members of the Free Collage Artists Club will organize a collage-performative action at the half-abandoned Red Triangle factory in Saint Petersburg. The event will start with the lecture-manifestation "About private collagists' hares and the other things", an homage to Beuys' performance How to explain pictures to a dead hare. The theory will be followed by practice: everybody will be welcome to make collage, to make collective work and free the collective unconscious. The action will end with a spontaneous exhibition of the collages in the manufacturing space and a discussion about the benefit of collage on the eve of the Third World War. The goal of the action is the popularization of collage, the most democratic and peaceful art technique. The event is open to all and is organized by Petr Prinev and the Free Collage Artists Club.


Collage Day Kranj

Layerjeva hiša
Tomšičeva 32
4000 Kranj, Slovenia

Moving turns the World around and “What if…” we could create the movement of our ideas? 10AM: Collage Workshop for Children: What If … a Print Is Made Out of a Collage? led by Petra Cerar. In this workshop, we will use collage techniques to create a movable printing matrix, which we will print on a paper with an etching press. Our print will be a mirror picture of the collage. We will also play with colours! 11AM: Collage Workshop for Adults: What if... Collage Was a GIF? (a Moving Collage Workshop) led by Anika Dziewior Pavlin and Maruša Štibelj At the moving collage workshop, we will learn basic animation techniques and get our “What if…” ideas on paper using scissors and glue. In order to make our ideas moving, we will learn what a GIF is and how it can be used with a collage. The aim of the workshop is to use collage technique creatively, to enrich the collage by making it move and finally, to create moving collages that will get your ideas to spread. Both workshops are free of charge. Space is limited, email to reserve a spot.


Women in Art

ul. Młyńska 15
80-846 Gdansk, Poland

Celebrate World Collage Day with collage artist Aleksandra Perzyńska, aka the Mad Collagist, in the heart of Gdańsk, City of Freedom!

A collage workshop and exhibition opening will take place at LOFT, the friendliest place for any artist. This event is for everybody. All materials will be provided. For more information about the event, the venue and the artist, visit the FACEBOOK EVENT.


CITYeSCAPES: Collage Workshop & Brunch with Nina Fraser

Rua da Ribeira Nova, 36
1200-479 Lisbon, Portugal

To celebrate this international appreciation of the art of collage, international artist Nina Fraser hosts a collage workshop focused around the manipulation of imagery relating to nature and the contrasting urban landscape of the city. Participants will use magazine imagery to create their own landscape scenes that explore what it is to live in a city and how our relationship to nature changes based on our own personal situations. Mainly, it is a good excuse to cut up images and see what magic is created from new, witty or disturbing new juxtapositions! Plus, collage is a great way to make new friends, and enjoy a delicious brunch after the workshop courtesy of café TATI. The workshop costs €30, includes brunch (vegetarian or vegan by request), and is limited to 10 people. Make reservations by email to Nina Fraser. Children 11-14 must be accompanied by an adult. The workshop is unsuitable for children under 10 years old. The event will be hosted in English.


Celebrating World Collage Day at Koumbi Craft Cafe

Koumbi Craft Cafe
Peloponnisou 2, next to the Ancient Agora
54 631 Thessaloniki, Greece

World Collage Day is celebrated at Koumbi Craft Cafe under the guidance of Dorothee Mesander. Everybody is welcome and invited to work together on a big collage and also have the opportunity to make their own, sitting around an open cut and paste table, enjoying a coffee or wine and meeting other creative people! Cut out pages are prepared especially for this occasion and lots of new and vintage paper is available. We hope to raise more awareness for collage and to stress its generous, accessible and collaborative character. Whoever wants can get a short, historic introduction to the art of collage. It's not a workshop, but a relaxed and open meeting where we celebrate collage. Everybody is welcome and invitations will be sent to other artists who incorporate collage in their work, to share and show some ideas. Children are welcome with their parents. Learn more about host, Dorothée Mesander on her website.


Glue for All

The.ArtCeram Factory
Via Monsignor Tenderini snc
01033 Civita Castellana (VT), Italy
Event Website

This Glue for All event is sponsored by The.ArtCeram who will host us in their showroom: a former church, next to their factory. Adult and high-school age participants of any level are welcome to come to experiment with this approachable medium. Paper and collage materials will be provided, and participants are urged to bring their own scissors and glue sticks. Presented by the Collage Convivium Civita Castellana


Cadavre Exquis

Atelier delle Lipari
Via Rotabile 11
98050 Leni (ME), Italy

For World Collage Day, the starting idea is the creation of a series of Surrealist "Cadavre exquis". Atelier delle Lipari does not aim to establish itself anywhere other than in the given moment and place, very much like a tear in space and time that suddenly appears to dissolve itself shortly after. Atelier delle Lipari is a temporary working and meeting point for friends to come together and share art oriented interests and practices.


Book Collage Workshop

Náprstkova 9
120 00 Prague 1

Spend World Collage Day in beautiful Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe! We are preparing a special handmade collage workshop focusing on the theme of the bird poster. In this workshop, the participants will create a Bird Atlas containing rare, imaginative, fantastic, non-living, bizarre, freaky and strange ornithological images in book form. The workshop is presented by Kosmo Nauty, a Czech artist based in Prague who has a passion for hand-cut collage and textile objects. ARTIST WEBSITE


World Collage Day in Prague

Museum of the City of Prague
Na Poříčí 52
180 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic

Hand Pleasure and Czech Collage are groups of visual artists with a passion for handmade paper collage. We come from different parts of the Czech Republic, but together we are celebrating World Collage Day in our capital, Prague. On World Collage Day, come for a creative workshop at the Museum of the City of Prague, 9AM-6PM. From 12 to 19 May, the museum hosts an exhibition of a cross-section of work from the two collage groups. Check it out!

The event is planned by Jakub Vilis from Hand Pleasure and Jitka Kopejtkova from Czech Collage.


Elective Affinities: A Collage Workshop

Atelier Gröbl
Casinostraße 37
56068 Koblenz

A fun and relaxed collage making workshop, led by Maria Elisa Quiaro, to celebrate World Collage Day. This is a creative workshop to enjoy the fantastic world of Collage. No experience is needed, this workshop is for everyone. Find out more about workshop leader, Maria Elisa Quiaro, on her website.


Playing with the Ratios: Collage Workshop with Susanna Lakner

TOBE Gallery
Bródy Sándor u. 36
1088 Budapest, Hungary

In an intensive 4-hour workshop and with Susanna Lakner's help, the participants will discover the world of artistic collage. The workshop will be focused on fashion: playing with its parts and changing radically its proportions the result will be a transformation from the already known visual aspect to a new dimension. EMAIL for more information about the workshop



Brussels North Train Station
Vooruitgangstraat 76
1030 Brussels, Belgium

Twenty-four Belgian contemporary collage artists present their works at a unique public space: the 24 old wooden telephone booths on the platforms of the Brussels North train station. The name of the event, Coup/e/e, refers in Dutch and French to the cutting of collages, the train cars, and the coup artistique that we plan that week.

Brussels North is one of Belgium's most crowded train stations. Each day, approximately 60,000 passengers travel on the platforms. By presenting the works directly on the platforms, we want to introduce collage art to a huge crowd.

The event is organized by the artist collective, Assemblage. WEBSITE


Rencontre autour
du collage

Hôte Gallery
Rue Haute 203
1000 Brussels, Belgium

On World Collage Day, Belgian collagiste Nancy Dominique will be on-site at Hôte Gallery to talk with visitors about collage in general and about her work in particular. Dominique's work is part of the group show, "Constellation", which also includes photography by Alan Tex, paintings by Andrei Platounov, drawings by Jeroen Hollander, sculptures and mixed media work by Pascale Barret and mixed media by Samuel Coisne.

Find out more about Nancy Dominique's work on her Kolaj Magazine Artist Directory page.


World Collage Day at the Scandinavian Collage Museum

All Day
Scandinavian Collage Museum
E6 240
7391 Berkak, Norway

The founder of the Scandinavian Collage Museum, Miss.Printed, will be on hand throughout World Collage Day to welcome visitors. As part of the celebration, the first 10 visitors will receive a small collage made by Miss.Printed. On view is a selection from their permanent collection and some collages by Unusual Cards.

In Kolaj #19, we published a profile of the Scandinavian Collage Museum and its founder, Miss.Printed. READ MORE


Destockage massif
Exhibition Opening

Le Pavillon des Canaux
39 quai de la Loire
75019 Paris, France

"Destockage massif" (massive clearance sale) is a series of absurd and distressing collages by Jérôme Sachs that runs from 12 May to 31 May 2018. Sachs tears, cuts and reassembles free newspapers, flyers and brochures, things found in waiting rooms: in short, the country where life is cheaper. Everything is for sale and everything is at the same reading level: Men, women, everyday objects, fashion, food, clearance items and luxury items meet at the turnstile of flavours. Sachs likes Outsider Art, Jacques Prévert, Topor, Jean Christophe Averty, record sleeves covered in scribbles, drawings on tablecloths, any art made outside of the official framework. All of his analogue collages are handmade. Sachs is the founder of the collective and agency, Studioburo, in Paris. ARTIST WEBSITE


Street Collage

The Streets of La Rochelle, France

To celebrate World Collage Day, collagists Flore Kunst and Musta Fior will organize collages in the streets of La Rochelle. They will be large colour playing cards made collaboratively by the two artists (work with four hands). By doing this, they want to make people aware of this practice and to arouse curiosity in general, through collage! The collages will be made and glued by Flore Kunst and Musta Fior. The public will be the random spectators in the streets.


Launch of Labzine #2

Laboratorio de Collage Madrid is a group of artists and collage lovers who meet once a month to work together around a theme. In 2018, they started the online fanzine Labzine. Labzine #2, "Sueños Dada" (or "DADA Dreams"), is dedicated to the celebration of World Collage Day. For the day, they will be building a special, online fanzine with analogue collages from all over the world that were sent by email in response to a call to artists. Would you like to participate? Respond to their call to artists by May 1, 2018. On World Collage Day, May 12, 2018, they will reveal the works submitted and spread them around the world through Facebook @LaboratoriodeCollageMadrid, Instagram @collabmadrid, and other social networks.


Una biografía: Creation of a Collage Novella

Friday, 11 May, 6PM to
Sunday, 13 May, 1PM

Museo ABC de Ilustracion
Calle Amaniel 29-31
28015 Madrid, Spain
Event location website

"Una Biografia" is a workshop of visual narration through collaging a personal or invented story, in the way of Max Ernst or Cozette de Chamoy. Over the course of several days, students will work on the narrative and creative unlocking techniques to create a small magazine/fanzine using images and photographs cut from old magazines or our own personal drawings. The instructor is Celcius Pictor. Learn more about him at his website.

The workshop is intended for adults.
Pre-registration is required and there is a 130€ fee. To register, visit the museum reception desk in advance or call +34 91 758 83 79.


Collage Marathon

Carrer d'Igualada 4
08012 Barcelona, Spain

La Societat Barcelonina de Collage would like to cap off the second edition of the Barcelona Collage Festival with a Collage Marathon. 12 hours of creativity, scissors and...collage!...with lots of diverse, imaginative proposals. We would love for your to join us! MORE

The event is open to everyone. For registration details, please send an email.



No Rhyme or Reason

Jack Fischer Gallery
311 Potrero Avenue
San Francisco, California 94103 USA

"No Rhyme or Reason" is an exhibition by a group of 13 collage artists, including World Collage Day 2018 Poster Artist Michael Pajon. Jack Fischer says about this show, "Collage is a favorite medium and as I like to say the easiest thing to do badly. This show features varied voices that carry on a tradition that reportedly first began to appear with gold leaf and gemstones being applied to religious icons inside Gothic cathedrals in the 15th and 16th centuries. Mary Delany (1700-1788) is considered one of the first collage artists whose work employed paint, paper, and flower parts. Amazingly enough she began this work when she was in her 70s. MORE



Never Apart
7049 rue Saint-Urbain
Montreal, Quebec H2S 3H4 Canada

"Cut-Outs" is a three-dimensional collage exhibition by Janina Anderson. Visitors are invited to view three-dimensional collage works on the wall and walk through a life-size collage installation inside the gallery. The exhibition investigates how images create and convey meaning. MORE ABOUT THE EXHIBITION


Paper Monsters: Collage Workshop & Body Collage Demonstration

L'Usine 106U
160 rue Roy Est
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 4B3

Attention collage lovers, glue stick fans, and happy or melancholic creators! We invite you to play with scissors with us at L'Usine 106U gallery. Some materials will be available, but the more we have, the better it will be. So don't hesitate to bring and exchange papers and magazines and don't forget your scissors and glue. There will be a live performance/demonstration of Body Collage by Jerome Bertrand. Do you like body painting? Why not body collage? You can't wait to see it! L'Usine 106U is a gallery in Montreal that often exhibits collage. The restroom is covered with a 360° collage installation in-progress created by John Lanthier. The intended audience for this event is adults. EVENT WEBSITE


World Collage Day with the National Collage Society

Learned Owl Book Shop
204 North Main Street
Hudson, Ohio 44236 USA

Gretchen Bierbaum, National Collage Society President, will be signing copies of her book, Collage in All Dimensions. National Collage Society members will be demonstrating their collage skills at Uncommon ART, upstairs at 178 1/2 North Main Street. There will be a short parade with artists wearing their collage hats. Learn more about the National Collage Society at their WEBSITE.


Book Signing, Collage Demos, Make-and-Take Project

Uncommon ART
2nd Floor
178 1/2 North Main Street
Hudson, Ohio 44236 USA

Three Hudson organizations are celebrating World Collage Day with a book signing, collage demos, and make-and-take project.

Gretchen Bierbaum, President and Founder of the National Collage Society, will be signing copies of her book, Collage in All Dimensions, from 11:00 to 1:00 at the Learned Owl Book Store, 204 South Main Street, Hudson, Ohio 44236. MORE

At Uncommon ART, artists will demonstrate their collage skills, while visitors will also be able to make their own collages to take home.

Everyone is welcome. Note: Uncommon ART is only accessible by stairs.


Mini Collage

Dunn Brothers Coffee
3348 Hennepin Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408 USA

Come celebrate World Collage Day with Allison Anne Design + Create! From 1-3pm, come to Dunn Brothers Coffee for some casual creative time: bring a project or start something new! Need help getting started or want some collage tips? No problem! Allison will be happy to assist. Please bring your own scissors, if possible, and any additional materials you'd like for your own work or to share. Some magazines, glue sticks and other supplies will be provided. Additionally, Allison is the featured artist for May at this Dunn Brothers location, so there are lots of collages to view! Learn more about Allison Anne at her website.


pre-World Collage Day
Art Party
on Friday, May 11, 2018

Boneshaker Books
2002 23rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA

Come enjoy a free evening of art making. We'll supply the materials, you just bring your imagination. Never collaged before? No problem, we can give you advice and will have some examples for inspiration.

Image: Collage by Ben DiNino whose cut out page is featured in World Collage Day Special Edition.


Free Collage Lab at The Quiet Life

The Quiet Life
5627 North Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, California 90042 USA

Twin Beast and Creative League proudly present a Free Collage Lab. From first-timers to pros, all people are welcome to come hang and collage. We will provide books, magazines, and all the tools you'll need. This is an all-ages event in a kid-friendly space.


Collage Tips & Tricks with Kevin Sampsell

Blick Art Materials
1115 NW Glisan Street
Portland, Oregon 97209

Celebrate World Collage Day with tips and tricks from Portland collage artist Kevin Sampsell. The host of the popular “Open Collage Night” at Portland's Independent Publishing Resource Center, Sampsell will hand out a cheat sheet of pointers and show you some of his favourite collage tricks. Materials (paper, vintage magazines, scissors, and glue) will be provided. Come see how fun and easy it is to explore this accessible art form. ARTIST WEBSITE


World Collage Day Afternoon Cut-Up

Blue Sky Gallery
Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts
122 NW 8th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209 USA

Celebrate World Collage Day with an free and all-ages collaging session hosted by Portland artist Jackie Treiber. Materials (paper, vintage magazines, scissors, and glue) will be provided. Come out and enjoy some cutting, pasting, and art-making and then post photos of your creations with #WorldCollageDay.


@The_Collage_Garden in NYC

6BC Botanical Garden
622 East 6th Street (between Ave B and C)
New York, New York 10009 USA

Welcome to the Concrete Jungle! First germinated in Norway, then sprouted in the Netherlands, we are excited to grow the next international @the_collage_garden (an Instagram group) in the beautiful 6BC Botanical Garden in the East Village of New York City. Garden-themed collages from all over the world were sent to us and will be on display throughout the grounds to bring art to the community. A collage workshop will take place during the day. We hope to raise funds for the host garden through donations and a collage auction. WEBSITE

(image: Wheel Barrel by Luisa Jung from Bonn, Germany. (Hand cut collage 2018))


Not Your Grandmother's Collage with Collage Artist Karen Browdy

Santa Paula Art Museum
117 North 10th Street
Santa Paula, California 93060 USA

The Santa Paula Art Museum is celebrating World Collage Day with a talk and demonstration by collage artist Karen Browdy. Browdy's work is definitely not your grandmother’s collage! Equal parts memory, curiosity, experiment and instinct, collage is a versatile and user-friendly medium with endless potential for creative expression. Browdy will demonstrate how she uses colour, line, shape and texture to construct a composition. Guests will see how a palette of papers takes shape as an abstract art piece. The event is open to all.


World Collage Day at GRID

GRID at BridgeValley Community College
619 2nd Avenue West
Montgomery, West Virginia 25136 USA

The GRID (Generate, Renew, Innovate & Design) at BridgeValley Community and Technical College hosts a collage making event. The community is invited to make artistic collage creations using old magazines, stickers, lettering, glue and scissors. The event will be lead by artists Eric Thompson and Machele Kindle.


Collage Drop-In Workshop & Peace Tiles Demo

Local 64
43 State Street, 2nd Floor West
Montpelier, Vermont 05602 USA

Learn fun ways to cut, tear, combine and affix materials to produce playful and stunning collages. Explore color, texture, shape and pattern in unusual ways to produce lively effects. Make a card or a wall-mountable work of art and celebrate the joy of collage. At 4PM and at 6PM we'll provide an introduction to the Global Peace Tiles Project and share some of the work produced by young people around the world.

**Use our materials and bring your own. Sharing is encouraged!**

This is a fun and lively event for participants of all ages. Children under 13 must be supervised by a legal guardian.


SOLO unaccompanied Exhibition Opening & Dinner

Tourterelle Restaurant and Inn
3629 Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7)
New Haven, Vermont 05472

Opening reception for "SOLO unaccompanied," a collage exhibition by Vermont artist Pat Laffin, which runs 9 May to 8 June 2018. From her vast collections of eighteenth and nineteenth century ephemera and antique papers, Laffin creates many forms of altered art, including yet not limited to: collage work, assemblages, altered books, and decoupage. Her artwork is created from a number of found objects, original or colour reproductions of various antique papers, photographic images of days gone by, along with any other interesting and eye-catching materials that she can acquire. Following the reception is dinner. To make reservations call the restaurant at (802) 453-6309. WEBSITE


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